(Above – That one has to go….)

Well, this is interesting…

(Michelangelo Signorile is a Podcaster and former Editor at Large for the Huffington Post).

Brian Stelter has the receipts too…

Nice try, dumbass.

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4 Comments on "Michelangelo Signorile Says Someone is Purging Trump’s Twitter of All “Invasion” Rhetoric."

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Ursula Faw

They’re running for the woodwork now, cockroaches that they are. HA! This is priceless, particularly Brian Stelter’s documentation.

Where the f**k do they get the idea that they can delete anything, and it won’t go unnoticed?


Where do they get the idea that deleting _any_ Presidential records is legal?


I wish more people would bring this up. The deliberate lack of record.

Nancy M Parker

Curiously, Snopes is labeling “false” the statement that tweets using the invasion rhetoric were deleted. Perhaps a closer study of time stamps and response threads would clarify why someone thought they were? And were they reposted, if deleted, because the goal was to clear the replies, or because they were called on the Presidential Records thing?