Last night a white POS shot and killed nine people. No motive has been attributed to the POS but his sister, along with her boyfriend, were two of the victims, and the area in Dayton where they were shot was was home to several dance clubs, and it was Saturday night…

The Victims, according to


“Derrick Fudge was a resident of Springfield, Ohio, according to his Facebook page. He graduated from South High School in Springfield.”


“Thomas James McNichols was a Dayton resident and went by TeeJay, according to his Facebook page.

His cousin wrote on Facebook, “This is TOO MUCH. Rest peacefully my Angel TeeJay James.”


“Nicholas Cumer was a graduate student in the master of cancer care program at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania, the school said on its website on Sunday.”


“Beatrice Warren-Curtis, who went by Nicole Curtis, was in Dayton with a friend, Monica Brickhouse, who was also killed in the shooting.


“Monica Brickhouse was a Springfield, Ohio, native who also lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She ran a design, event planning and catering company called Two Good Girls.”


Meagan Betts, the POS’ sister, photo altered to take the POS out of it, attribution NY Post

That’s all the victim photos that are available now. May they rest in peace and forgive us all for any part we had in making a mess out of the world they were taken from.



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8 Comments on "I’m Not Saying There was a “Racially Charged” Motive for The Dayton Shooting, but… The Victims."

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Inland Jim

Didn’t I read that bozo-bro shot Meagan and her date? If so, is her date one of the survivors or one of dead?

The murders in Dayton were absolutely racially motivated just like those in El Paso. There are direct links to the kkk supporting racist fascist traitor and fake president in both cases. Stupid politicians, TV pundits and other haters complimented or “trumplained” traitortrump”s hateful fixation with Mexican Americans and other people from South and Central America as if they are not part of the human family, instead of condemning him. In the case of African Americans, traitortrump’s hatred of this ethnic group goes back many decades. One can accurately say that he was raised by his parents especially his father, to… Read more »

Can you explain how we know this, because I am just not seeing proof of it yet?


As long as white people like you remain tone deaf and prefer to lie to yourselves and others due to your racism, you will have white men raised to be racists killing or attempting to kill African Americans and other people of color in the United States. The murder of African Americans is as endemic to America as mom’s apple pie. You don’t know this?


Why am I “lying to myself” when I don’t jump to conclusions? We don’t know anything about the Dayton killer yet, except that his beef sounds like it might be domestic — but we really don’t know. it’s always a bad idea to assume we know the motivation because I’ve seen too many people on the left end up with egg dripping all over their face. I’ll wait for actual information, thanks.


Do we know that this was a predominantly Africa-American nightclub, because it sounds like he was mowing down people indiscriminately and not being selective about who he targeted?