Update: At least 19 Dead, 40 Shot at El Paso Mass Shooting


This will be brief as facts are still developing. UPDATE: I will be signing off here in a bit, last review. Hospitals asking for blood donations “urgently.” Not a positive sign. 18 Dead, one presumes more hurt.

In our never-ending Second Amendment war. This is the third mass shooting this week. Shooter used an assault rifle. Time to ban them now. Actually time to ban them was before MSD High School. It is a murderous rifle built for military. One shot in the leg will kill you through blood loss alone.

This has all the feel of a “big one.” Update: Police now report 18 dead.

How sick? In this nation, one needs to note whether this is a “normal” mass shooting, versus a “big one.”

Police report that 18 people have been taken to hospitals, shot (that is not 18 dead, 18 receiving some kind of treatment).

FBI states that a “massive investigation” will ensue, focused upon “who” and “why.” Whether it is agenda driven, perhaps mental health issues. Computers, cars, everything touched by shooter in last few weeks will be collected. There will be waves of interviews, and massive evidence collection team. They must “clear” the entire facility, more than a million square feet of space, to ensure no one is left hiding, no victims left, and of course, no further shooters.

Shooting occurred 10:00 a.m. local time.

One suspect is now in custody, police are not looking for a second. 21 year old in custody. Maybe it is time to raise the age from 18 up through 21. Perhaps 24, perhaps 44, or 84. Anything to help abate or end this madness. MSNBC reports that shooter is from Dallas-area. Strange. Wore field protection and eye gear. The weapon itself is so loud that the shooter wears “protection” – indication that the person is not a newbie, has been shooting the rifle quite a bit. He went there to kill as many as possible.

Statement from the governor already. Beto, Tom Cornyn, all going to El Paso. Good move by Cornyn, will give him credit when seen.

Actively updating.

I want to rage in a primal scream. This is the only nation where these shootings occur regularly, and “we” act as if that is okay. It is not okay to me. My daughter is far more likely to die from a mass shooting than ANY Muslim terrorist, yet we regard one as a serious threat, the other an unpleasant side effect to something good. Awful.

Hearts go out to families and victims right now.


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Mina Kirby

OMG, not another one. Why, why, why is it so difficult for people to see that assault weapons should not be out there in the hands of ANY civilians. The only reason for these weapons is to kill PEOPLE. And folks need them in their homes??? WTF?

The abject horror that people HAVE to endure when in these situations of unarmed peaceful citizens , doing everyday things are suddenly attacked by some freak, that has been tweaked by Trump’s bombastic pronouncements of, “I can do anything”, “The NRA are good people”, “These people are rapists and murderers” …. Then, on the other hand, gun manufacturing has made windfall profits off of those that, “LEGALLY”, purchased semi-auto military style rifles, selling for 6-7 hundred dollars each … the permit and background checks fall way short of stopping the mentally challenged, or determined psychotic killer, (I want my name… Read more »
Denis Elliott
When I got online a little while ago the banner at the top of my homepage stated TX officials have confirmed 20 dead (so far) and 26 wounded. It’s worth pointing out that this took place in quintessential “good ole boy” country Texas which is an open carry state with a strong gun culture and lots of “tough guy” image they try to live up to. And the NRA & other gun nut groups (yes, there are some that are more hard core and crazier) always preach about more people needing to be armed and “good guys with guns” being… Read more »