Jeffrey Epstein was found semi-conscious on the floor of his jail cell July 25. It wasn’t known if he had attempted suicide or been assaulted by another prisoner, but he wasn’t having a good time in any event, and here’s why. CNBC:

A day before accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found mysteriously injured in his jail cell, the wealthy financier was served legal documents detailing a woman’s claims that he raped her in his New York City mansion when she was just 15 years old.

The accuser, Jennifer Araoz, plans to sue Epstein next month for claims of sexual assault, battery and rape, which she alleges he started committing when she was a New York high school student in 2001, according to a court filing earlier this month.

But first, Araoz is asking a judge to order Epstein to submit to a deposition, where he can be asked by Araoz’s lawyers the identity of a female “recruiter”who allegedly conspired with him to identify her “as a potential sexual abuse victim” and “facilitated the grooming” of Araoz.

“Upon identification of the recruiter, she will be added as a defendant to” Araoz’s planned suit against Epstein, the filing says. “Further, the recruiter possesses critical evidence of [Araoz’s] sexual assault claims.”

Araoz grew up poor in Queens and lost her father at the age of 12. She alleges that Epstein began abusing her at age 14 and raped her at age 15. She was one of many under age girls that Epstein plied with gifts and groomed. Epstein’s future looks rather grim. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving creep.

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Thank you Ursula. I am so glad to see these women standing up for themselves, against such horrible opposition. Bravo to them.

rory darjiit

It’s painful to think about this case…that for almost twenty years this victim lived with this horrible crime and it’s consequences while Epstein went free, lived a life of luxury, and worst of all was abusing other girls.

He’s in prison now, and that’s appropriate, but we need t work toward the day when a rapist is in jail the day after the crime, not years later. That’s what justice looks like.

p j evans

I hope you mean “arrested the day after the crime”. Because jail should be after the verdict. Epstein is in jail *now* because he’s a flight risk.

rory darjiit
I assumed a rapist would be arrested, put in jail and then processed for bail pending trial. If that’s not how it works…I haven’t had much of an opportunity to be involved in the criminal justice system. I felt like I was very close to getting on a jury one time in San Diego…I was sitting in the box being asked questions. Then the courthouse was evacuated because (true story) another room broke for lunch from a homicide trial, everyone left and forgot to secure the defendant, and he walked out in a suit and tie. He was apprehended a… Read more »
Rita Tecoma

They need to cut his balls off …