Take a stroll with me down memory lane.

Trump told the world that Kim agreed to “work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” and that’s nonsense. He claimed, “they’ve already blown up one of their big test sites. In fact, it was four of their test sites.” In fact, Trump was dreaming, but if you want to refresh your recollection of his idiocy, hit the link.

Alas, North Korea has been testing missiles all along, so Trump has walked his statement back and George Conway has an amusing spin.

Yeah, they’ve only tested the “smaller ones” the ones that could reach Hawaii, maybe, but they can’t hit Trump Tower, which is all I give a damn about. So, chill, all you fuss budgets, sheesh.

What Trump doesn’t get, is that Kim has all the bullets he needs, he just needs to test the right guns, to find out which one can deliver them most effectively. And he’s busy doing that, regardless of what he tells the naive neanderthal in the White House.

I think Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize might have suffered another delay this week. What say you?


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8 Comments on "Where’s Dr. Strangelove? Somebody Needs To Explain To Trump What Kim Jong Un Is Doing"

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In any comparison, Trump starts already on the minus side of zero … His blathering stupidity is SO ingrained in his thick bomb-proof skull, his, “talking head”, will be the only artifact left after Kim pulls out the stops and smears S.Korea and Japan off the face of our globe, before going for the California smog problem areas to sweep it all out to sea … and send radioactive clouds all the way to Disney World in Florida … the firestorm WILL be spectacular, making CA’s recent fire areas look like a wet match was used to start them …… Read more »

I live within 10 miles of the largest military installation on the West Coast–Joint Base Lewis McCord, just south of Tacoma. We all expect that, should Un decide to really bring out his big guns, we’d probably go first. We also have the Bangor Nuclear Sub station nearby, as well as Whidbey island Naval Air Station. Yep, we’re a pretty good target, and closer than California.

Frankly, I’m just as happy to go first: better than living with the aftermath of a nuclear war.


Come on, just give murderers a chance! He’s just misunderstood.


“the naive neanderthal”
You give him much more credit than he deserves. https://www.livescience.com/65003-how-smart-were-neanderthals.html
Perhaps “the naive Euglena” be a better description!

p j evans

I don’t think he’s as bright as Euglena.


True but I couldn’t think of a lower than a cell entity and Euglenas are nasty one cell creatures. Yuak! Just thinking about them turns my stomach. And that’s another reason I thought of that one cell creature; it has the same effect on me as the orange turd.

Lil Blue Sock

For someone who has made a living setting up and conning rubes and marks, (see the MAGAt crowd), Dumb Quixote is completely oblivious to the fact that he is the biggest rube of all, and the world’s real con men are laughing at him, watching him dance as they pull his strings.

Then again, facts have never been his strong suit.