Oh, Trump is bitter today. He’s probably got a bitterness hangover, because he emphatically did not like hearing Robert Mueller say Wednesday that he could be indicted for his misdeeds upon leaving the White House. Trump made his rancor known, by screaming at the press yesterday, especially the women. And then, as if to insult an already injured Trump, Fox News had the audacity to conduct a survey on the 2020 Election and that did it.

“Don’t they understaaaand,” groused the Whiner in Chief, “I’ve gone through a three year vicious WITCH HUNT and I want my mommeeeeeeee!! WAAAAAAA!! Fox News is mean!!! I’m gonna get you, you wait!!!!”

Nothing like a poised mind, amiable character and balanced emotions in a head of state, don’t you agree?

Fox News was quick to explain to the Only Viewer That Matters what happened:

So, let me see: this reporter thought that if she told Trump that all Fox did was report the facts of what happened — that somehow that would be adequate? Like Fox News is supposed to bother with facts, especially when those facts do not serve their prime and only directive, that of pandering to Donald Trump? Oh heavens, where on earth did she get that idea? No wonder the MAGAts were appalled.

Fox shot an arrow into the air, first it hit the bubble, and then Trump’s hair. A wounded animal is the most dangerous and Trump suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous Foxtune? Oh, my. Stay tuned, this is just getting started.

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19 Comments on "Trump Blasts Fox News Once Again For Latest Treachery, This Is Getting Monotonous"

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He is SUCH an embarrassment! A toddler having a temper tantrum. Hopefully Fox News will keep it up. The 2020 election is coming fast – will his thin skin survive all of the scrutiny he’ll be getting?


I read these hysterical, sub-literate Tweets and go “This man is our president.” I can’t believe it.


How fragile the man is under all his bluster. But that’s the pattern…with Trump 100% or else. And even being 100% will eventually net you nothing but heartbreak.

Carol O

He’s always seemed especially freaked out by Joe Biden. Maybe despite the bluster, Joe’s threat to take him out behind the barn (or whatever structure it was) had an impact on him. He’s such a weak, pathetic coward.

rory darjiit

Just randomly changing poll numbers on an election prediction is like me typing here that it’s 76 degrees here today when it’s 96. I can type that…but it didn’t become cool and pleasant outside. Go figure.

Denis Elliott

Well, once I learned Fox was going to carry the Mueller hearings live I knew the rest of the week was going to be even worse that Trump’s normal level of awful. Without his daily morning ritual of repeated proverbial handjobs and blowjobs from his pals at Fox & Friends he was going to be in a bad way. Sure enough he has been, and with the Murdoch’s hedging their bets lately with some honest reporting I’d hate to be the staffer tasked with making sure he changes his diapers often enough!


I change my Chanel at 3 pm too. No. 5 is a much more suitable fragrance for pre-dinner and evening wear than Chance.

Grosnick Von Scwanker
Grosnick Von Scwanker

He’s single handedly destroying the Republican party & loving every second of it. Total moron with t he IQ of a baked potato. #silverspoonedloser