GOP Chair Ronna Rmoney McDaniel sent U.S. Representative and Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton a U.S. flag, along with a copy of The Flag Code and a snarky put down letter, exhorting him to respect the flag…unlike the dumb as dirt GOPeers who folded and displayed it improperly in the mailed package.

You can read the letter by clicking on his tweet here.

Of course, as no one in your family has served in the military like Moulton, you wouldn’t know how to fold it, huh Ronna?

Here’s a clue:


Freaking morans.

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10 Comments on "GOP Chair McDaniel Mailed Seth Moulton a Flag As a Rebuke and It Was Folded Like a Damned Dish Towel"

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Carol O

What initiated this? Why Moulton? Why only Moulton? I don’t get it.

p j evans

We don’t know if it was only Moulton. He’s the only one who’s said anything about it.

p j evans

It looks like they bought it, took it out of the wrapper, and put it straight into the box. (We folded ours as close to correctly as we could. It never came out as neatly as the military does, but it was stars out and in a triangle.)

p j evans

And I was doing it by myself, too.

Denis Elliott

I know this sounds nitpicky but a properly folded flag doesn’t have any red showing. It’s tougher than it looks to get it right – especially tucking in that last fold with the edge that attaches to the flagpole lanyard and still having a nice, tightly folded flag.

OTOH I’d expect the “real” Mur-I-cans” trying to do a triangular fold would wind up with something like in the pic you have of one that was at least folded into a triangle.

rory darjiit

I know the flag and irony is a focus here, but you can read the letter via the tweet. It’s…um…really snotty. The chair of the RNC is using the flag as a prop to smear others and spread hate. That’s far more disrespectful to the flag…and nation it represents…than their incompetent folding.

Plus it’s so third grade. What’s the purpose of this? Does her office have nothing better to do than write childish letters to Democratic presidential candidates?

You don’t have to be a veteran to know how to fold it; any Girl Scout or Boy Scout knows that (being actually ale to do it perfectly, especially without help, is a different matter.) But an imperfectly folded flag is really nothing compared to the way “real Murricans” fly it from their pickups long after it is tattered way beyond where it should have been respectfully burned, wear it on their clothing, put it on their paper plates and napkins, and, for all I know use it for toilet paper – all of which are against Federal law. See… Read more »
p j evans

The one I grew up with was made of wool bunting (48 stars), and we only put it out in holidays, so it wasn’t even faded. I still know how to hang it when it’s not on a pole: with the stars to the left as you face it from the viewing side.