If you go over to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed right now, you’ll find this gem.

He’s having a field day. The rest of us heard that Trump couldn’t be indicted for crimes while in office, but could be upon leaving office. But all Trump heard was his usual mantra, “no obstruction” “no collusion.” It’s not even worth repeating all that was said, because none of it sank in. A short while after the hearing Trump went on record saying that, “the Democrats lost so big today. Their party is in shambles. The Squad is leading their party,” and so on and so forth.

Trump took what would have been a very sobering moment for anybody in his position and is now spinning it totally in his own favor. Apparently, the fact that U.S. marshals didn’t show up at the White House and perp walk him out, means that he’s fine, just fine.

Or, maybe he was encouraged by Mueller saying that Russia was interfering in the 2020 election, “even as we sit here.” That might have given him a boost, knowing that Vladimir is still on the job, looking out for his interests.

In all events, the man still appeals to the lowest common denominator and that’s the group of people he plays to at all times, people who don’t read, don’t think, don’t question. People for whom the loudest voice is the one that they follow, thinking that it knows more — I guess. Believe me, I’ve been trying to figure these people out from the get go. I think that his hard core base is completely poisoned by Fox News and living in their own reality, and then there is a group of Americans who voted for Trump either as a lark, to see what an outsider would really do, or merely as a protest vote — being a jerk by voting for an obvious jerk, simply because you could.

I have no idea how many of the people in the second group regret their decision and intend to walk a different way in 2020. Maybe they haven’t seen enough destruction in their country yet. The economy is still humming right along and even though Trump did nothing to create that scenario, he sure as hell is taking the credit for it. But the underpinnings are getting shaky and the economy won’t hold up to the beating of Trump’s insane trade deals forever. The chickens will come home to roost — and that may occur during a Democrat’s time in office, assuming we win back the White House in 2020. It is conceivable.

In any event, for right now, Trump is speaking in very angry tones, but tweeting about how jubilant he is, an interesting combination.

And just for fun, here’s Devin Nunes take on today’s events.

Nunes is right. We do live in an alternate universe. In the one I live in, a congressman running his own intelligence operation, that even Lindsey Graham derided as “an Inspector Clouseau investigation,” and running tattling to Trump at the White House at night is beyond the bizarre. But why talk about it? This is the same Nunes that hides from his constituents and sues Twitter parody accounts.¬†Will we ever see a return to normalcy in Washington, or is this it?

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p j evans

I’m glad that Nunes has at least one person running against him already. He needs to be retired to his farm – wherever it is.


The consensus seems to be that Devin Nune’s cow is more interesting than Devin Nunes.
Not to mention, smarter and more erudite.

This may say little about me, Ursula, but I truly wonder why you continue to bother figuring these people you speak of out. They are not all THAT complicated…they want someone to tell them what to do that lines up with their view of the world. It’s only when the fallout of their blind, idiot game of “follow the leader” do they pretend that they are “free thinkers” or “rugged individualists”. Private shame is unknown to them while public shame which reaches a point of interference with their ability to operate in this society eventually forces them to retreat. That’s… Read more »

It never fails, when these people speak, they always describe themselves perfectly.