If you missed seeing footage of the latest Ku Klux Klan Trump rally in North Carolina Wednesday, Donald Trump ginned up the crowd by dissing Ilhan Omar. When they started chanting, “Send her back!” he stood there like Mussolini and basked in the hate vibe. Today, however, he’s claiming that it didn’t happen that way.

Trump told CNN that he didn’t approve of the behavior of the crowd. Sure could have fooled us.

REPORTER: Are you concerned with your supporters chanting “Send her back” about Congresswoman Omar, that it puts her in danger?

TRUMP: I have tremendous support. I wasn’t happy with that message they gave last night. That was a packed arena. … I think we have far more support than they do and we have far more energy than they do and we’re going to have a very interesting election. But I was not happy when I heard that chant.”

REPORTER: Why did they do it?

TRUMP: You would have to ask them. What I would suggest, I was not happy with it, but what I would suggest, you go there, go to North Carolina, and you ask the people why did they say that. But that’s what they said.

REPORTER: You’ll stop them if they try to do it again?

TRUMP: I didn’t like that they did it and I started speaking very quickly. Excuse me. Really? If you would have heard, there was a tremendous amount of noise and action and everything else. I started very quickly. And I think you know that. Maybe you’re giving me too much credit.

No, we’re giving you all the credit, because that’s what you deserve. You put together the 2019 equivalent of a KKK rally. RawStory:

During a discussion about the president’s lie that he tried to stop his supporters chanting “send her back,” Zerlina Maxwell said it reminded her of the things seen during the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s.

“When I see that rally, that looks like a Klan rally to me,” she said. “That looks like a Klan rally in 2019.”

The people did it. Trump was only leading the rally, asking for their votes. How could he possibly be held accountable for anything? Look for this line of “reasoning” to be Trump’s out as the countdown to November 3, 2020 approaches.



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p j evans

He needs to feel good, so when it’s something that gets negative media attention, he has to deny that he did any of the stuff he really did. (I’m sure he believes his own lies.)

rory darjiit
I’m sure we could write a 10,000 word essay on the subject of what was wrong with Trump’s behavior at this rally and what he could/should do (if he were an actual moral human being.) But we would have to start by pointing out the leadership requires…duh…leading, and that yes, a leader can and should stop someone from doing something and suggest they behave differently when appropriate. Words of the day: Leadership (noun): the action of leading, guiding, controlling or managing a group of people or an organization. Impotence (noun) 1. Inability to take effective action, helplessness. 2. Inability of… Read more »

Too late for that, Mr. Tangerine Man. You got on video so it’s NEVER going away.

p j evans

His followers will claim the videos are faked.


I have long since stopped giving a shit about the remaining members of the GOP Death Cult that Trump now controls. All the sane people have literally left the party and the recruitment efforts of the cultists couldn’t sell bottled water in the middle of the Sahara. So let them make their claims…they’re only talking to themselves now.