Apparently the brown organic matter that spewed forth from the flaming orange human shaped rectum (aka Donald Trump) that got shouted back at him during his rally last night isn’t playing the way he’d hoped today.  Watching MSNBC this afternoon it appears that in the past couple of hours the WH is trying to spin another line of bullshit — that the Prez didn’t approve of the “Send her back” chants he basked in last night here in my adopted state of NC.  Right.  Sure.  And he doesn’t lust after his daughter either!  But back to the point, from the clips I saw last night, and when I got back from the VA this morning it sure as hell looked to me like he was enjoying it.  He also from what I can tell had messaging going out to his minions to justify & amplify this newest disgraceful element he’s injected into his campaign.  I also learned about daughter-in-law Lara Trump’s “warm-up” with the crowd prior to our wannabe dictator taking the podium.  That chant was exactly what Trump wanted to hear and it was sweet music to his ears.

Again — That chant from the crowd was EXACTLY what he intended to provoke.  Trump & the WH and the rest of the GOP spin machine can spin all they want but I know the difference between rain and someone trying to piss on my leg.

I haven’t trusted myself to call either of my Senator’s offices today.  I’m literally afraid that with the slightest provocation as in some staffer trying to offer some weak assed justification and/or rationalization I’ll lose it and tee off on them in ways that could get me into trouble.  Not much of a risk with Burr because it’s next to impossible to get a live person on the phone but with Tillis I more often than not can — if not in his DC office then the one over in Raleigh.  But starting last night and throughout today I keep thinking back to another President speaking right here in NC a couple of years ago as he campaigned for Hillary Clinton.  A man at the event evidently broke in with a pro-Trump screed and the crowd went after the guy.

And then as you will see in the video we got a master class in handling an unruly crowd as President Obama reprised his “Don’t Boo — Vote!” message

I do miss having a President I can respect.  A President who has a talent for keeping us focused on the right things, and teaching us to search for the best in ourselves instead of surrendering to the worst.  I think we will need him an awful lot before November 2020.

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jennifer braveheart

Boy, you nailed it!

Absolutely, JB, Sometimes you just have to wonder what Denis really feels about that big stain in the WH …. 😉 😉 ha ha …. Trump needs to be put down real hard in a very public scene, where there is NO possible response in his favor like this as he is trying to get airborne before the sun goes down out on the golf course .. ABC guy Karl says, “I know you are in a hurry to leave just a quick YES or NO answer please” … “Have you ever put the welfare of our country ahead of… Read more »