Like a James Bond villain, Jeffrey Epstein has his own island. And when King Jeffrey was on it, the American flag was hoisted. Whatever the star spangled banner was designed to mean, or has meant, signalling that a pedophile is in his lair, ready to pray on the voiceless and defenseless, was never intended. Betsy Ross is rolling over in her grave.

Epstein even affects people like a James Bond villain. The locals are scared to death to talk about him. He’s hated and feared. Even the bank is acting defensively. This may be cliche, but it’s true: money is power and power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jeffrey Epstein is absolutely corrupt.

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6 Comments on "They Used To Raise The Flag On ‘Pedophile Island’ When Epstein Was There. It’s Down Now."

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He better go away for the rest of his life.

p j evans

They’ll probably confiscate all his real-estate holdings, not just the Manhattan townhouse.


The flag being raised when “the boss” is there is certainly not confined to Britain – it’s done in many nations and principalities, and has been for centuries. In fact the military uses the system for base commanders. But if Epstein is going to be doing that, he should be using his own damn flag, not mine (and yours.)