The “Allred Moment.” That’s what Eugene Robinson called it on MSNBC last night, and I couldn’t have put it better meself. Now I know why the guy has a Pulitzer prize on his wall. But it was more than just a pretty bit of word smithing, I happen to think that he’s spot on.

What Robinson was referring to is a fortunate byproduct of the #metoo movement. He was speaking to the upcoming moment when famous attorney Gloria Allred steps in front of the cameras and microphones, with a shaken looking young woman holding her elbow, sits them down, introduces the victim, and then lets her tell her story. It became somewhat uncomfortably common first in the case of Bill Cosby, as well as victims of Glorious Bleater.

In fact it has already started, although sans Allred so far. This morning NBC News Savannah Guthrie had a young woman on camera, tearfully reliving what has to be the most personal and painful moment of any woman’s life. And the only emotion stronger than sympathy and empathy that watching the interview brought out was almost primal outrage.

And it’s just getting started, and thankfully in a way that is far worse for Epstein than any such exposure a decade ago could have been. With the FBI actively pleading victims to call a dedicated toll free number, there will be more. Plenty more. And these won’t be scared, ashamed teenage victims, these will be strong and eloquent young women, who have had to deal with their personal pain and shame, and can express themselves much more eloquently, and just as passionately as ever.

This is a purely unsubstantiated prediction on my part, but I don’t think that this will end with Jeffrey Epstein. It is already being reported that Epstein had a whole small business operation going to recruit, transport, schedule and pay his underage victims. In a society as enclosed and incestuous as the uber rich, this wouldn’t have been a secret.

The reason I say this won’t end with Epstein is this. It’s a simple fact, sharks attract lampreys. People in those circles who dug Epstein’s perversion would naturally want in on the action, especially if it meant that they wouldn’t have to take the risk of procurement themselves. The  Manhattan Madam case unleashed a plethora of well bred heels cavorting with prostitutes, and just look at all of the “high society” bums now desperately trying to keep their well heeled asses out of prison over the college admissions scandal. Jeffrey Epstein didn’t pal around with po’ folk, and I find it highly unlikely that Epstein will continue to be the only filthy pedophile whose name will be mentioned by future victims. If that were the case, there would have been no reason for Alex Acosta to give unnamed co-conspirators a pass in his sweetheart deal with Epstein.

And now, the President of the United States has dispatched his new personal “fixer”, William “Scumbag” Barr to personally supervise the New York prosecution. Only Donald John Trump could be so obliviously tone deaf to reality as to not seem to understand the visceral image this projects. And Barr’s unwelcome interference has to have come from trump himself, otherwise there would be no reason for Barr to suddenly reverse himself on his previously stated, and very sensible decision to recuse himself due to possible perceived conflicts. Nothing else makes sense. I can’t imagine the SDNY inviting a completely clueless and un-briefed Barr to come on in and stomp around in their case.

My gut tells me that Trump has dispatched Barr to ensure that no deal is offered to Epstein in return for cooperation that could implicate Trump. That kind of order/arrangement could likely be kept from public view, and would lead to Epstein taking the hard fall, all the way down., by himself Any attempt to interfere in such a highly publicized case would only risk a shitstorm of controversy, with Trump at the center.

Will there be more rich and powerful names brought out in the process of the Jeffrey Epstein prosecution. Personally, I highly suspect so. And I hoe that if there are more, that every, single one of them is outed publicly and held responsible for raping children. Will the sitting President of the United States be one of them? Again, I don’t know, but if it does, it would be the most fitting ending for Trump that I can imagine. Don’t to[ppp_patron_only]uch that dial.


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Lone Wolf

On Saturday the “president” of the United States’ private, for-profit business is hosting a golf tournament in which the selling premise is golf with a stripper.


p j evans

I enjoyed the comment about how the strip club shouldn’t be associating with a criminal enterprise like that.


Trump’s response to the ‘Me too’ movement.
And his response to all those people complaining about Obama’s tan suit reducing the respect and gravitas of the presidency.


I’m more than a little hazy on what kind of leverage Trump and Barr think they have on Epstein. Epstein takes that fall, he goes away a long time and gets stripped of property. Epstein talks, he’s got a bargaining chip that might act as a get-out-of-jail-free card if the intel’s good enough. To be clear, I consider Scenario #2 disgusting beyond words but scumbags of Epstein’s type have played these games. And he’s got no reason to trust any deal Donald gives him.

rory darjiit

Everyone seems to suddenly be an expert in how pedophile sex traffickers think and behave. I am not ashamed to say that absolutely everything I “know” about these sort of people comes from CBS crime dramas, and therefore isn’t really sufficient to offer it as any sort of expertise.

Did others know about this, or did he safeguard his secrets? Did he recruit others into his perversions, or would that have been too high a risk? I honestly have no idea how people like this think.


Look up Andrew Vachss sometime. He’s been with these scum for 40 years and can tell you that none of Epstein did is new.


Believe me, you don’t want to know how these people think. When I was a contract criminal defense attorney, I was assigned to represent those charged as pedophiles, sex traffickers, etc. in court. So I had to learn about the whole industry. I would have rather represented an axe murderer.