It’s intriguing that Donald Trump is so concerned about Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, scheduled for July 17, when Mueller purportedly totally exonerated him. You remember that, don’t you?

In all events and for whatever reason, Trump and his minions are ramping up the conspiracy theory, big time. Here are a few clips from none other than Fox News. It’s worth listening to this nonsense to know what people are being told. We can’t fight propaganda unless we know about it. Grit your teeth. The clips are short.

Renato Mariotti points out that multiple federal judges disagreed with this guy.

This is total spin. There was intelligence about Russian interference with the election when Obama was still in office and McConnell refused to do a bi-partisan announcement on it. Then, Comey’s firing, after he revealed that Trump requested him to “go easy” on Michael Flynn, was the flash point that caused the appointment of the special counsel. There was cause for a special counsel to be appointed.

Then there’s Rudy, raving about how it’s all a “plot.”

It is no secret that Giuliani has lost the respect of all his former colleagues at SDNY, and it’s certainly no wonder.

One week until July 17. They’re clearly freaking in Trumpworld. This is just the beginning. Expect the damage control on Fox to go to lunatic proportions.


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15 Comments on "Raving Rudy Giuliani Calls Mueller A ‘Hit Man’ and Mueller Investigation ‘A Plot’"

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Yep. barr is now throwing his weight around. Ordering Mr. Mueller’s guys not to speak in the already scheduled interview. I hope they tell him to shove it, or just ignore him altogether.

Markm Mitchell

How does Giuliani still have a job?

P J Evans

Who *is* Eastman? I’ve never seen him quoted any place that talks about the Constitution and law.

P J Evans

I think Rudy went off the rails back around 9/11 and can’t even find the track any more.

Larry Conley

Actions speak louder than words. The actions of Oppressor-dent Trump and Shill Barrf scream guilty, guilty, guilty!