Donald Trump may have had a falling out with Jeffrey Epstein over some undisclosed business deal and stopped being a “fan” but way before any of that happened they were close friends for years. They even shared a special night where it was just them and 28 women at a bash at Mar-a-Lago. New York Times:

The year was 1992 and the event was a “calendar girl” competition, something that George Houraney, a Florida-based businessman who ran American Dream Enterprise, had organized at Mr. Trump’s request.

“I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” Mr. Houraney recalled in an interview on Monday. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him and Epstein.”

Mr. Houraney, who had just partnered with Mr. Trump to host events at his casinos, said he was surprised. “I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’”

He also dismissed Mr. Houraney’s warning about his friend’s conduct.

“I said, ‘Look, Donald, I know Jeff really well, I can’t have him going after younger girls,’” Mr. Houraney remembers. “He said, ‘Look I’m putting my name on this. I wouldn’t put my name on it and have a scandal.’”

Mr. Houraney said he “pretty much had to ban Jeff from my events — Trump didn’t care about that.”

Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Houraney accused Mr. Trump himself of inappropriate behavior toward his girlfriend and business partner, Jill Harth, during their business dealings.

Two peas in a pod, Trump and Epstein. Neither one of them know where the line is drawn when it comes to appropriate behavior towards the opposite sex, including other people’s girlfriends. Writer Jesse Hornbluth says that he was approached to do a biography of Epstein. That fell through because the night before Hornbluth’s wedding his fiance got a call from Epstein, who said, “It’s your last free night. Why don’t you come over and fuck me?” Really classy guy. Knows how to do business. He surrounded himself with other classless people as well. Ghilane Maxwell allegedly acted as both pimp and pilot to Epstein, procuring and transporting young girls. Hornbluth reports what a class act she was.

In the early ‘90s, at a Joan Rivers dinner party, my wife and I encountered Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of disgraced British publishing mogul Robert Maxwell and Epstein’s girlfriend for a brief period in the ’90s. She has been accused of recruiting and grooming girls and women for Epstein; she denies this.  I’d met her several times with Epstein; we were also “friends,” in that transactional Manhattan way. And might now become better friends. “If you lose 10 pounds, I’ll fuck you,” she said, with my wife standing next to me. And she too became dead to me.

I’ve described the Trumps as trailer trash with cash. It appears that they’re not the only ones in the upper strata of Manhattan society who fit that bill.

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9 Comments on "BUSTED: In 1992 Trump Hosted A Bash At Mar-a-Lago With Just Jeffrey Epstein and 28 Women"

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p j evans

It looks like Tr*mp’s entire circle of associates is made up of “trailer trash with cash” or criminals.


This story is not fading away.

Denis Elliott

These (fake) “gold dust twins” are a couple of truly sick fucks. I wish I could say I was surprised but I’m not. The only thing that would surprise me is if more stuff like this doesn’t come to light

rory darjiit

I’d make a random note on the arbitrary lines of morality in this story. Supposedly, Houraney is the noble one…because, after all, all he wanted to do is bring 28 women into a party of wealthy men when the entire premise for attendees is that you’re either beautiful and female, or wealthy and male.

To be blunt, this makes him a disgusting sexist asswipe as well. Maybe not as bad as the others, but still.

Mandy R

Wow, what an insult to trailer trash.

Lone Wolf

This is how trashy they are.

Things Republicans support in 2019: a president making side cash from a stripper golf tournament.
On Saturday the “president” of the United States’ private, for-profit business is hosting a golf tournament in which the selling premise is golf with a stripper.

Oh man … This situation needs to headline news for a while … Trump is trying like hell to distract and distant himself from himself …. 🙂 If this first-person man would offer a credible account of the, “special”, night of the lawless, lowlife pedophile creeps and the way Trump set it up, surely to parade naked or scantily clad young girls around as objects of their rancid, drooling sexual fantasy’s and, obvious to anyone with a brain, sexual gratification. By any accounts, and the admission of the Trump himself, this could have been happening on Epstein’s Island many times… Read more »