I chose the above image because it reminded me of the reptiles in red uniforms in “V.” Actually, that would go a long way towards explaining Kellyanne’s behavior, she’s not of this worldd. Be that as it may, she must be a glutton for punishment because she still keeps making the same mistake. She’s taken on Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and now Ayanna Pressley — and other “fresh-women” as they categorizes them. These are the results.

Pressley is spot on. It’s vintage Kellyanne Conway to ignore the big issue at hand, and find some way to cheapen or sensationalize what has taken place. Her other tool is to trivialize a given matter, such as today when she said that the only reason Alex Acosta was being criticized was as some backdoor diss of Donald Trump — as if it’s all about Donald Trump, which in his view, and probably hers as well, it is.

Here’s last weeks dust up.

Kellyanne Conjob should wake up and smell the coffee. These women are not going to lie down and be walked upon. They’re going to stick to facts and not debate twisted Fox News headlines. Nobody is more concerned about the situation at the border then AOC, Pressley, and other members of the freshman class.

The total irony here is that Conway is the one fomenting cat fights, not the other women. Conway started in with Nancy Pelosi weeks ago, and Pelosi said, “I’ll speak to the president, not staff.” To which Conway said, “That’s so pro-woman of you.” Pelosi doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to waste commentary on a Fox News talking head, whose self-importance far and away outreaches her knowledge of anything political. If Conway was in fact a knowledgeable adviser and not a paid propagandist, of course Pelosi would have spoken with her. Pelosi has gotten where she is by seeking input from a wide variety of sources. She knows how politics works, are you kidding?

Bottom line, all of this is projection on Conway’s part. She’s the one with the Queen Bee complex, not Pelosi, Pressley or AOC. Pelosi has already forgotten more about government than Conway will ever know, and the other two women are where they are because they have made it their business to be on top of issues and fight the good fight. Conway should just zip it — but it’s highly doubtful that will occur. Or, maybe we could sprinkle her with some of that pink dust that got rid of the aliens?


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The most suitable epithet I’ve heard describing her…

Sewer Rat Barbie.


She needs attention like a toddler. These women will smack her down every time. She isn’t used to it, she better start.


I didn’t think it was possible but I do believe that you just insulted the lizards in “V”. I’m of the suspicion that she feeds on something far more horrific than rats.