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I swear to God, every time you think it can’t get worse, it does. In the age of Trump, it has almost become a drinking game, leading to a rush or liver transplant requests, to try to see just how low The $1 Store Caligula can drag a once proud political party down into the muck and slime. Trump’s venal corruption has already dragged them down to a depth where a single GOP fart can cause a 7.1 earthquake. And now, a new, even darker low.

I’m not going to sit here and debate whether the decision Alex Acosta reached in his plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein was right or not. Basically because I don’t give a shit. The facts speak for themselves. Following a multi year investigation, the US Attorneys in Miami had compiled a 54 page indictment, ready to banish Epstein from free society. Acosta not only shit canned the indictment, he absolved Epstein from federal criminal prosecution, and let him plead down to a count of soliciting a minor for prostitution. I can’t believe that’s even a crime. A minor can’t engage in prostitution, they’ve yet to reach the age of legal consent. If you give money to a child for sex, you’re a fucking pedophile! Period. Full stop.

Trump’s personal relationship with Epstein surfaced peripherally in the media coverage of Acosta’s initial demolition derby of the case, and has resurfaced every time Epstein’s foul name bubbles back for another round of controversy. Trump has of course distanced himself repeatedly from Epstein, with remarks akin to; “Who? Oh, hum. I never liked that guy, his women weren’t 10’s.” Unless of course you’re talking about their physical ages, moron.

In backing Acosta, Trump’s strategy has been doubly duplicitous. First, he claims that the event in question was a long time ago, as if juvenile rape comes with an expiration date on it. And worse, Trump tries to insulate himself by saying that his only exposure is because Acosta is his Labor Secretary, and the Best One Eva at that! Trump cannot be ignorant of the specifics of the case, since betting is his own responsibility, and especially since Virginia Senator Tim Kaine brought it up at Acosta’s confirmation hearing. And yet Trump nominated him for the post, knowing his sordid professional history.

And the congressional GOP caucus, especially the GOP Senate, which confirmed Acosta is trying the same thing. They’re all saying that since Acosta is Trump’s appointee, it’s up to Trump to deal with him. Since vetting is the job of the White House, the GOP Senators could almost be excused, if only Kaine hadn’t screamed about the whole thing in Acosta’s hearing. No free ride for them there. And yet they gave him the go ahead.

Being a longtime resident of Las Vegas, I can easily remember the old days, with guys standing every 30′ or so on the Strip, handing out little, picture embossed cards with hookers for hire “direct to your room!” They’re gone now, but if they were still around, the pictures on the cards would be elephants wearing fishnet stockings. Under the leadership of The Pimpus Maximus, the Republican party has devolved into a party of street walking whores. First they prostituted their constitutional oaths, and now they’ve prostituted their own morals.

For decades the Republican party has touted themselves as the “party of faith.” God fearing christian men and women, all the way back to the days of the ludicrously named “Moral Majority,” led by Hallelujah con men like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Jim baker, more than happy to peddle Jesus for private jets. People of strong, unshakable faith, and ironclad moral values, piously showing us everyday sinners the path to redemption. And the GOP went right along, hell bent for leather to legislate them into fobbing it off on the rest of us.

Look, let’s break this down to its core, shall we? Forget about Trump for a minute (and God knows we’d love to!), and even forget that toilet roach Acosta. This case is about Jeffrey Epstein,a self admitted child rapist. When Epstein signed that non prosecution agreement with Acosta, and pleaded guilty to soliciting minors for prostitution, he admitted to sexually assaulting children. Children! I dunno, maybe things have changed in the era of Trump, but the last time I checked, children were considered to be Gods most precious gift to the world for evangelicals. At least that’s what pro life bible thumpers keep saying every time an abortion provider gets shot. Where is all of their tender care and concern for the precious gift-from-God children now?

Whether it’s GOP politicians, or the self indulgent, pompous, hypocritical right wing evangelicals, in their stupefying haste to absolve The Mango Messiah of any possible earthly sin, they have turned their backs on one of the deepest professed tenets of their faith, the love for, and protection of children, the most vulnerable among us. I don’t ever want to hear the words “Christian family values” drip forth from a Republican mouth again. Cheap $2 whores, the whole damn bunch of them.

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Hypocrites get offended by the truth.
Jess C. Scott


Personally, Murf, I think your average whore has better business savvy and ethics than this crowd.


I would tend to agree … always assuming yu can find an average whore of any gender. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people engaging in sex for money are now being trafficked … and maybe always were and we just didn’t realize.