This is an interesting development and not the least surprising. Bill Barr promised Ben Sasse during his Senate confirmation hearing that he would make eliminating sex trafficking a high priority if confirmed as Attorney General. That’s not the reason he’s giving, however, from recusing himself from the case.

Barr did tell Sasse at the time that he had worked for the law firm of Kirkland Ellis and that he had a prior agreement with them not to involve himself in any of their cases. Then there’s the fact that Jeffrey Epstein and Barr’s family have a relationship which goes back quite a few years. Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach physics at the prestigious Dalton school, when Epstein didn’t even have a degree in physics. Epstein used to like to chit chat about theoretical physics way into the night, including with a Harvard professor, and he gave Harvard quite a bit of money. Now therein lies a tale.

This is quite a chunk to digest. I suggest you come back to this and do it slowly. One of the recurrent themes you will find is that you can buy your way in and out of anything. This Epstein case could be a watershed moment in our culture.


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Color me shocked that Barr is actually doing this, Ursula. Then again, when it comes to preying on children, most people I know and talk to recoil at the monstrousness of it. Agreements aside, Barr probably calculated that was one bullet he couldn’t dodge.

yaya nana

So…you do know that he “unrecused” himself, right? I guess Barr figures in for a penny, in for a pound since he has already sold his soul for Trump.