A Cliff’s Notes Analysis Of The Mueller Report, Part II — ‘Mueller Report Leaves Much To Be Done’


[Editor’s Note: Part I of this series was published July 8, and is archived here. This is a solid reference tool and study guide, which I suggest highly that you bookmark and come back to refer to. Remember, Mueller testifies July 17.

Mr. Wallace makes the comment here that you almost have to be a lawyer to get through the Mueller report. Thankfully, he is, and he’s done the work for us.]

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6 Comments on "A Cliff’s Notes Analysis Of The Mueller Report, Part II — ‘Mueller Report Leaves Much To Be Done’"

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Suzanne Harriger

Amazing clear synopsis of the report. Thank you, William Wallace!

You know, I agree entirely with you that Volume I is not being referenced or analyzed nearly as much or as often as Volume II has been. The obstruction may be “sexier,” that is, it is being viewed maybe as the gotcha route to toppling Trump using either impeachment or the 2020 election, but the safety of our elections, or rather, the lack of safety, should be the thing that is keeping all of us up at night. Further, it appears that Mitch McConnell is ready to help Russia or any other national player/entity engage America in a very dangerous… Read more »
Hugo van der Eerden

I have started to read the Mueller Report (and I’m not even an American!) but found it hard to digest. Thanks for this clear analysis. It helps a lot.
I have a question though. Since the Grand Jury information is not available (yet), isn’t it possible that the Manafort/Gates issue was looked at by the Grand Jury and that they decided there was not enough proof?