I guess it was foreseeable. Trump made a complete ass out of himself on the 4th of July when he started raving about the Continental Army taking over airports during the Revolutionary War. Now he says that the teleprompter went out, but no matter, he knew the speech “very well.” Trump goes on to say that it was a “terrible feeling” when the teleprompter goes out when you’re in front of millions of people, but not to worry, Trump handled it like a pro. He’ll probably tweet congratulations at himself later today.

Trump can never admit error in anything. Although, in this case, it’s understandable. What is he going to do, claim that the best he could improvise on the spot was soldiers in colonial times attacking airports — which wouldn’t come into existence for well over another century? So, here’s the text that he “knew very well” and luckily, being a very stable genius, was able to recall from memory, we guess, when the teleprompter went out.

“The Continental Army suffered a bitter winter at Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown. Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.”

“And at Fort McHenry, under the rocket’s red glare it had nothing but victory.”

Maybe Fox News will do a special on aviation combat during revolutionary times. Maybe Tucker Carlson can go back in a time machine and bring us actual footage?



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Love the Rod Serling meme at the top! In that same spirit, may I recommend a story from the 1980s revival “Word Play”? You follow an advertising agent gradually watch words change in meaning around him.

Markm Mitchell

Impeach Trump Now, Speaker Pelosi.

P J Evans

Have you written to your congresscritters, asking them to sign on with impeachment hearings/ Have you written to Pelosi asking for impeachment hearings?

Rita Tecoma

Trump is an IDIOT !

Seems obvious to me that ol’ Stroke-Waffle looked away from the teleprompter, the thread had moved on, and since he’s pathetically “challenged”when it comes to anything like a fact, he winged it. Bombs bursting in air, airports–you know, there’s a connection there somewhere, right? It doesn’t matter in the long run, though. Yesterday I posted on FB the following tweet from somebody, (I forget who): “The British lost because their flight was routed through Atlanta,” and all my conservative acquaintance loved it, thought it was fucking hilarious. While it gives me a savage thrill of schadenfreude every time that idiot… Read more »

Just imagine how they would have been drubbed if they’d had to go through O’Hare!

P J Evans

Like the teleprompter actually went out. He always blames someone else (or something else) for his own failures. He probably didn’t even read it before he started talking.


Teleprompter went out, video feed from the mall turned off, rain drenched the wretched bystanders, army transport vehicle dies, and to cap it off fireworks created so much pollution, they dissapeared into the self-created toxic arsenic trioxide cloud hovering over the capital district. Typical day in the life of Benedict Donald – everything he touches falls apart in chaos, confusion, disaster. But just keep spinning the truth about your fake 4th disaster and about Making America Great again BOTUS Dotard – Buffoon of the United States.


Totalitarian dictators change the past as an MO. Trump is the best at this. Next, he will claim the tanks that won the Civil War were all manufactured in Wisconsin.