Friends, in less than 30 hours, the most wasteful, tacky, gaudy and profoundly tasteless Trump rally in the history of the Trump phenomenon will go forward, paid for with your nickle and mine, and disguised as an Independence Day celebration. Incredibly but truly, Trump has weaponized the 4th of July; for the sole purpose of swelling his own coffers and inflating his ego, which is much larger than his helium, be-diapered proxy — a contrasting prop as political theater of the absurd manifests in the streets of the nation’s capital.

So, to get in the mood to look at incongruous and discordant images, all striking a wrong and sinister note, but nevertheless rolling down the streets of Washington D.C. as we speak, and burning money with each rotation of the wheels, join me in a little song. (gives pitch note on harmonica)

These tanks are your tanks,
These tanks are my tanks,
Jong-Un inspired this
To him we give thanks
From Palin’s backyard
To the Hawaiin eye eye eye lands,
These tanks are made for you and me.
Trump’s going to show us, 
He’s got a big dick,
He still can’t sleep nights,
Since Stormy’s “mushroom tip”
All of his BFs
Especially Putin
Will love and praise him
It’s rootin, tootin,
It’s all on TV
with taxpayers money,
so pass the popcorn,
move over, honey,
From Palin’s backyard
to the Hawaiin eye eye eye lands,
these tanks are made for you and me.

Now, who is paying for this Trump rally on steroids? And if you need to ask, you’re too densely naive to be reachable. This is a Trump rally/fundraiser, a ticketed political event, where taxpayers are footing the bill. This is flowering autocracy, despotism in bloom, and it is vintage Trump. Washington Post:

The National Park Service is diverting nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees primarily intended to improve parks across the country to cover costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration Thursday on the Mall, according to two individuals familiar with the arrangement.

The diverted park fees represent just a fraction of the extra costs the government faces as a result of the event, which will include displays of military hardware, flyovers by an array of jets including Air Force One, the deployment of tanks on the Mall and an extended pyrotechnics show. By comparison, according to former Park Service deputy director Denis P. Galvin, the entire Fourth of July celebration on the Mall typically costs the agency about $2 million. […]

“This is a breach of trust with the public,” Theresa Pierno, president and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association, said in an email. “The public pays parks fees to fix national parks and for educational programs, not the president’s parade.”

The optics of the event are stellar theatrics, and include the Blue Angels, a B-2 batwinged stealth bomber, and F-22 Raptor jets. Nothing is too good for this bash. And if you’re looking to get a good seat — hey, sorry, buddy, Trump is comping his rich Republican donor friends with all of those. You got a problem with that?

Brendan Fischer, federal reform director for the Campaign Legal Center, said in an interview that while it may not violate federal ethics law to distribute limited tickets to the president’s speech to party contributors, “it certainly looks bad.”

“Limiting public access to a public monument on Independence Day in favor of wealthy donors just sends a signal that our political system favors the wealthy and well-connected,” he said.

This is Trump’s vision for America. Give them their bread and circus with one hand, steal ’em blind with the other. Now, in his greatest insult to date, he’s perverted the nation’s most sacred holiday into a fundraising rally, to throw red meat to his base and get fat checks from his cronies. I used to wonder what happened to Lindsey Graham and why Mitch McConnell puts up with this. No longer. I know why. Trump is no outsider. He is the ne plus ultra Republican. He’s not only one of them, he is their ideal. He is the persona to their shadow, the living breathing manifestation of the Republican id. And they all know it, wink wink, nudge nudge. Trouble is, this GOP in joke is at the expense of the American people.

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26 Comments on "Trump’s ‘Salute To America’ Is Obscene Waste Of $2.5Mil In Parks Money, Betrayal Of All That 4th of July Stands For"

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Lil Blue Sock

$2.5 million dollars would buy quite the supply of tooth brushes, soap and decent bedding/clothing.

It’s hard to celebrate a country that cages and mistreats children in our names while the real criminals run the show…..

No thanks, I’ll be sitting this one out.

*hangs head in shame*

You filthy, detestable bastards!!!……look at what you have done to my country!!!

Markm Mitchell

The damage Trump, et al are doing to America is astounding.


Stealing money from the national parks, after the stupid shutdown damaged them so…. I hate him and his sycophants so much. He is deplorable, Hillary Clinton should have never apologized for speaking the truth. This is the best, Ursula. I know where to come to find the best snarky humor concerning the wee enoki mushroom, in the white House. 👏👏


You would think that the record breaking DoD budget under Trump ($700 billion ?) would have some to spare for the parade. But not in Trump’s Amerikkka.


He probably tried stealing from that first and got a lot of pushback that made him cave. So he picked the pocket of someone weaker, as per usual.

Cynthia Feaster
Trump’s getting his military parade and we the people are paying for it. We don’t like it but it’s going to happen. Now, WHERE the hell is Pelosi, Schumer, Clyburn, Jefferies, Hoyer, et. al., the so called Democratic (Mis)Leaders, who should be speaking out against this travesty, in press conferences all over this country? Where are Democratic candidates who want to lead this country? Why aren’t they speaking out either as a group or wherever they are in the country today, yesterday, last week, tomorrow? Why are the Dems leaving it to TV pundits, journalists like yourself and other well… Read more »
About these “press conferences” you so eagerly want, would you care to tell me who’s going to cover them? The Dems can hold press conferences from now till Doomsday (which could be next week, the way things are going) but if the media doesn’t cover them as HEADLINE news (rather than buried in a single column on page 7, below the half-page “Fourth of July mattress sale” ad; or, in TV terms, stuck as a 20-second soundbite, just before the quarter-hour commercial break), they won’t make any more impact than just the folks you note. Also, let’s not forget that… Read more »

We also paid for the for the POS Mueller report, which cost a lot more.


The seizure of Manafort’s properties alone, raised more than the report cost. Thus an investigation into Dimwit Donny’s misdeeds has been more profitable than any of his businesses.

Inland Jim

No steam tanks? We need steam tanks. They work better than these electronic tanks, more reliable.


Absolutely agree. The only good news I’ve heard about this clustertruck is that, so far, at least 3 major networks are refusing to carry it:

also, the tanks to used are considered “baby tanks” 😉


I’d rather spend 2.5mil building the wall or deporting illegal aliens. But, the anti-American liberals will never let that happen.

Markm Mitchell

Thoughtful article. Indeed, The Dictator gets HIS parade.
Happy Birthday, America.