The image above was tweeted out by Trump fanboy and convicted criminal Dinesh D’Souza a few days ago, with the caption, “Masculinity in the twenty-first century. Which one is YOU?” This is exactly the kind of challenge that Twitter is made for, and it did not disappoint.

Dinesh D’Souza as arbiter of masculinity makes me green around the gills to begin with. One must assume that his court-ordered psychiatry didn’t do him much good back in the day. Or, maybe the meds weren’t enough (or too strong?) because something is clearly wrong with this guy.

But since D’Souza asked for it. Let’s indulge him. Let’s look at who’s masculine and who’s not, by conventional standards.

No, so far we don’t see Trudeau wearing a tie that’s down to his knees, thinking that he’s creating some optical illusion of a flat belly, nor do we see him perched on the end of a chair like he’s on the commode. And then there’s Ivanka checking out Trudeau like he’s a champagne popsicle.

Not that there’s any need to go into overkill here, but here’s a clip of Trudeau in his 2012 boxing match for charity.

Let’s apply the James Bond test: Remember, Bond was the guy that every woman wanted and every guy wanted to be. So, which one of these guys fits the James Bond test? What, you say you’re not casting a vote for the fellow with the cotton-candy-soaked-with-piss coiffure and the noose-long tie? You’ll take the young stud? Guess what, Dinesh D’Souza? That’s the case not only in the 21st Century, but in any. Plus Trudeau wins extra points in my book for his epic Trump trolling ability. The small cough the last time they met was admirable: you notice Trump didn’t tell him to go back to Ottawa if he was going to do that.



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7 Comments on "Fanboy Dinesh D’Souza Compares Trump’s Masculinity To Justin Trudeau’s, Inciting Shrieks Of Laughter From Here To Ottawa"

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Lil Blue Sock


Just because Trumpy the AssClown holds his two inch dick like a baseball bat doesn’t make him masculine…..all it means is that he squishes when he walks because he can’t see that massive 2 incher because of his fat belly and he ends up pissing on his shoes.



Ugh, pathetic. What a kiss ass.


What can you expect?

D’Souza was one of Ann Coulter’s many conquests back in the day.

I don’t think D’Souza has much taste or sense when it comes to anything.

p j evans

It doesn’t say much for D’Souza d’felon that he’s in love with a fat old man with the mind of a five-year-old child.


I know his secret, check it here and try this one too