I was just saying to a colleague tonight, “We ought to create something called the PZazz award.” Specifically, I wanted to give the PZazz award to Sam Rockwell, in lieu of an Oscar, for his incredible portrayal of Dubya in the movie “Vice,” which I screened a few nights ago.

Now, another category of PZazz award would be Best Trump Troll of the month. That may turn into a weekly award, maybe even a daily one, depending on how strange things get. Tonight there are two candidates, Rick Wilson and Bette Midler.

Wilson, author of “Everything Trump Touches Dies” was in rare form on MSNBC after the Trump rally in Orlando, which is the official kick off of Trump’s 2020 campaign. Trumpites were out en masse wearing tee shirts proclaiming, “Proud Member of the Basket of Deplorables,” and sporting “formal flip flops and dress cargo pants.” One woman explained why she was a Trump supporter. RawStory:

“The main reason? Because he’s one of the best presidents we’ve had for a very long time,” the woman argued. “Very long time.”

“He doesn’t lie. I know y’all say he does, he doesn’t. He doesn’t,” she inaccurately claimed. “And I’m just going to be honest, I’m not trying to be mean, but the way the media treats him, it’s a disgrace.”

Wilson offered this succinct explanation.

“First off, it is grievance-palooza,” Wilson said. “There is not this affirmative feeling about the greatness of our country or some vision for the future. It is, he is the avatar of my anger, he is going to smite the people I can’t smite.”

Very perceptive. Next up for the PZazz award for Best Trump Troll, is none other than the Divine Miss M.

Twitter didn’t miss a beat.

How say you friends? Rick Wilson or The Divine Miss M? Who wins the first PZazz Award for Best Trump Troll? Cast your ballot below in the threads. And of course, if you have a Trump limerick kicking around in the recesses of your brain, now is the time to dredge it out and post.

Campaign 2020 is underway and the Resistance is in kick-off mode as well. It’s going to be a longgggg year and a half from now until Election Day 2020. It won’t be pretty — but it will be funny.


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Bette Midler is the winner!

Denis Elliott
I saw a clip last night of that gal saying Trump doesn’t lie. Glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time or I’d have spayed the contents of my mouth all the way across the room to the TV screen! I also saw Wilson’s commentary which is spot on, but in this contest I have to vote for the (absolutely) Divine Miss M. I love the idea of the awards. I’m all for more categories in addition to twitter trolling. Separate “Epic Take Down” awards each week for both Congress Critters (not necessarily against Trump – McConnell and other GOP… Read more »

It’s so hard to choose! 🤣🤣 I choose Bette Midler, too. Putin really has his work cut out for him.


Cast my vote for Midler, one of my all-time faves!


Attire based on the wearer’s taste is fair game for mockery. Attire based on the wearer’s means, not so much. I actually feel that Rick’s take is funnier, but before I vote I’d like to be more certain that those outfits were in the “taste” not the “means” category.

Alfred Higgins

Those are some real cuties in the title pic! How do you always manage to come up with the best summarizing photos, Ursula?

Lil Blue Sock
Here’s a little diddy I’ve been working on….. (sung to the tune of Dancing Queen by ABBA) (music intro) Oh, Trump can spin, he can lie, Twitter the point of his life. It’s his life, it’s his scene, Trump is a Drama Queen…. Four AM and the Sun’s still low He’s awake, all set to go Signing on to Twitter, he wants to fight, You know he’s been waiting up all night. Trumpjust wants to be the guy Center of attention, feel that high Start a little drama, everything is fine You know he does it every time. He just… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

This is more easily read by expanding…..

I have no idea why the triple post though???

I have to go with Bette Midler at this time, her use of skewed words that say exactly what she wants and merrily we see them that way … BTW, the guy with the swastika symbol would be hauled off to jail in Germany since it is unlawful to display that symbol in public there now. Of course, he would possibly go there anyway as a public figure of outrage … He called Hope in for a mini meeting, only had a minute-time was fleeting, He had to get his message right She was to put up a good fight… Read more »
Alice in Wonder

That photo certainly puts a face on, “all the best people”. And this is the base everyone is catering to? I doubt that collectively they have enough brain cells to make 1 fully functioning brain.

My vote? The Divine Ms M!! I have always loved her.