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Chuck Todd hit a new low today, carrying the GOP’s water on AOC’s calling the interment camps for Latin-American Refugees what they are — concentration camps — and criticizing Democrats for not condemning her.

If you prefer not to click on MTP’s link you can watch it here, NBC took down the link I posted last night (I wonder why) so I added this one…


NBC needs to get this little worm off the air until he buys a dictionary.


“Concentration Campa place where large numbers of people (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority) are detained or confined under armed guard…”

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9 Comments on "F’N Chuck Todd Says AOC “does border detainees ‘a tremendous disservice'” by Telling the Truth."

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Well, I’M calling it a freaking concentration camp! People forget that it’s a different deal than the extermination camps. The more Todd talks, the more I want him to shut up.

rory darjiit
I’d love to disagree with everything Todd says just because I find him utterly unlikeable…but in the case I see both points of view. On the principle of the thing, sure, I agree with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. The administration’s policy and actions are rooted in xenophobia and racism, and therefore there are legitimate comparisons to be made to historical concentration camps that are technically accurate. But Rep. Ocasio-Cortez isn’t seeking to be technically accurate – she’s seeking to evoke the Nazi imagry as a pejorative. And in doing so, she’s ignoring that there are many, many ways in which this policy… Read more »
The dictionary definition is very clear to ACTUALLY include the poor people being put into dog run cages, stacked in less space than required to meet fire marshal standards … But I do agree with P J Evans above, because of fear and loathing, created by dumb nuts in the WH, he has been able to do something, another never-again thing, put these people into the same areas used for the Japanese/Americans, pulled out of their own homes and shipped to roofing paper/2X4 shacks in long rows with armed guards, sounds JUST LIKE IT IS CALLED in the dictionary, concentration… Read more »
rory darjiit

I don’t disagree. I think I was just cranky when I wrote that post. I’m just tired of the hate and meanness and childishness. It so pervades our politics…and I don’t see how all of this leads anywhere good.

Some day Trumpism will be over, and we will all be left to clean up the mess. I just hope that when that time comes, we can put some of the hate and demagoguery behind us.

Lil Blue Sock

Chuck Todd is a spineless dickweasel.


Chuck Toad, the fucking son of a bitch who does nothing but carry water for the repubs. I am so sick of his bullshit. I’ve written MSNBC about him and have asked why they have such a partisan ass spewing his shit. I NEVER get an answer from them. I detest this asshole about as much as trump!!!! AOC is right Chuck. She nailed the truth of the situation and all this asshole does is try to degrade powerful Democratic women. Get rid of him MSNBC he is fucking worthless!!!


Bravo Dino! In the US during WWII they were called “internment” camps. In Cuba during the early sixties they were called “labor” camps. Whatever you wanna call ’em….they are prisons.
And yeah, someone please give that guy an unabridged dictionary, preferably with an etymology section.