Trump has spent the past few days obsessing on how great his polls really are, even when his own pollsters have told him the unhappy news, that he’s trailing front running Democrats in several key states. Anybody normal would assess the situation and ask, “what can we do to fix this?” But Donald Trump just fired his pollsters and declared that it was all fake news, anyhow. Even his beloved Fox has been broadcasting fake news about him, can you feature that?

My God, Trump just accused Fox News of fake news? Is this the quintessential example of even the broken clock being right twice a day, or is it more?

GOP strategist Michael Steele was on MSNBC Monday and he spoke about Trump’s “invulnerable reality distortion field,” which sounds like something out of Star Trek.

Spock: “Captain, we cannot beam down to the planet. They have activated the invulnerable reality distortion field. Anybody entering it will be rendered incapable of critical analysis.”

Kirk: “Doesn’t the field also destroy the faculty of common sense as well — in short — rendering one a total dumb a$$?”

Spock: “Yes, Captain. In your early 21st Century, these people were known as Trumpites. They followed their leader, Donald Trump, over a cliff, much as lemmings do.”

You think I’m exaggerating? Listen to the rest of what Steel said: “No facts that are contrary to his chosen narrative are ever perceived by the president and he just — he lives in that alternate universe. You can’t get him out of it.”

So it would appear. Trump biographer Tony Schwartz also appeared on MSNBC and he said that Trump is totally alone and even his own children can’t stand him. RawStory:

“Ivanka despises him,” said Schwartz. “Jared [Kushner] despises him. His other children—”

“You are deducing this from the behavior of the man that you spent time around,” said Hayes.

“When you’re around a person who devalues you, humiliates you, ignores you, shames you, what possible other reaction could you have other than to despise him?” said Schwartz. “And what happens is, there’s a percentage of people who feel that way and don’t care, because he’s serving some other, or they believe he is serving some other agenda they share.”

“It is extraordinary to imagine the level of isolation that he has reached,” continued Schwartz. “He’s now alone in this White House, and I mean alone. Remember when Nixon was walking around talking to the walls? But there was still a few people. There was Haig and there was Diane Sawyer and there were a few people around who he’d still talk to. There’s nobody with Trump who he pays any attention to. Who he’ll give sufficient respect to that there’s an actual dialogue that can take place.”

Nixon wasn’t talking to the walls, actually, he was talking to the portraits of dead presidents past. And yes, Nixon still had Alexander Haig. Trump had his own Alexander Haig, in John Kelly, but you know what happened with that. As to Diane Sawyer…well, I suppose we could make the analogy that Kellyanne Conway is the Diane Sawyer of Trump world, alternative facts and all. Wow. That’s some transition, from Sawyer to Conway. But then Trump makes Nixon look legitimate — in fact, almost quaint.

In Trumpverse, he is leading in 17 swing states. He has always been leading in 17 swing states. Nobody else can find that data, but who knows, maybe the Enterprise went back in time and rigged some polls that only Trump can see, and that’s where he got the information? One thing is for certain: Trump’s just making it all up as he goes along. But he can always comfort himself with this quote: “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write, as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” That makes perfect sense to the mind of Donald Trump. Beam me up, Scotty, I need to get the hell out of here.

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Tin woman1

I don’t feel sorry for him. He made the world he lives in.


To quote a game tagline from many years ago, no pity, no mercy, no remorse, no regret.


Yup. There’s nothing tragic about Trump, no goodness that could have been redeemed but wasn’t — he’s just an antagonist.

Time is NOT Trump’s friend, it allows him the ability to forget those important tidbits he mentions daily, later that same day, here he is again, but saying just the opposite of what he said earlier … a liar’s day can produce tons of lies, and to keep every thing straight at Trump’s level is a herculean task at it’s lowest levels, it explains a lot of things, his blithering idoticy is because well, he’s just dumber than a rock, cannot be out in the rain, because, well, hair problems …. The biggest problem for ole’ Don is himself …… Read more »
P J Evans

Sometimes it only takes him a couple of minutes to do a 180 on whatever he was saying.
(I have a hard time understanding how people can still believe him, and treat him like some kind of deity.)

Lil Blue Sock

Just as in 1945, the bunker is getting very lonely as the rats abandon ship, and like the Russians, the Democrats are closing in day by day.

…….and as with then, there are a few minions who will stand by the fuhrer,as he slips steadily into insanity, to the bitter end.

History does indeed repeat itself.

Denis Elliott
The comparison I think of is Martin Sheen’s character at the end of the movie The Dead Zone – having finally disgraced himself in front of a crowed gathered for one of his speeches grabbing a small child and holding it up to block to bullets from his would-be assassin. The characters sits disheveled, all alone in a room surrounded by newspaper with unflattering headlines, realizing that everyone & I mean everyone now realizes he was ALWAYS a piece of shit and that he’s not only not loved and admired but despised, and even those he had counted on during… Read more »

Never saw the movie but sound like hopefully Pence could join him and let put mitch in there too, Movie would be complete


And, occasionally, history also deletes itself. In this case, it looks as though Mr. Tangerine Man is deleting the Republican party.


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It’s fine with me, don’t try to fix any of your crap, trump.


He thinks he’s hated and alone now? Mr. Tangerine Man ain’t seen nothing yet. Also, as an owner of the complete set of the original Star Trek series (thanks, Sis!), your Kirk/Spock parody was spot on!

Nancy M Parker

Schwartz appears to be theorizing or projecting. He has no data to offer about the Trump family’s feelings, he didn’t talk to them. Maybe he wants us to feel sorry for Trump.

Alone and hated is just as he should be. Btw, would it be possible to give us a break from having to look at his ugly and hated visage? Is it really necessary to shove his picture in our faces every time there’s a post about him? Don’t take it personally, because I ask this on just about every site I go to — I did it many times on DK, to no avail of course, but I still want to register my protest. When I see photo after photo of the most hated and hideous (inside and out) man… Read more »