It’s hardly a banner headline that Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills. But considering how he claims to love law enforcement, not paying the cops for security services rendered is low even for him. PoliticusUSA:

The Center For Public Integrity investigated and found:

But when Lebanon City Hall sent Trump’s campaign a $16,191 invoice for police and other public safety costs associated with his event, Trump didn’t respond. Trump’s campaign likewise ignored Lebanon officials’ follow-up reminders to cover the sum — one rich enough to fund the entire police force for nearly two days in this modest city of 21,000, between Dayton and Cincinnati.

At least nine other city governments — from Mesa, Arizona, to Erie, Pennsylvania — are still waiting for Trump to pay public safety-related invoices they’ve sent his presidential campaign committee in connection with his political rallies, according to interviews with local officials and municipal records obtained by the Center for Public Integrity.

Some invoices are three years old. In all, city governments say Trump’s campaign owes them at least $841,219.

Another aging invoice is the one from the Inauguration. He still hasn’t paid a $7Million bill for that. And Trump plans to owe Washington D.C. even more money because of his insistence on making a 4th of July speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Washington Post:

President Trump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July is expected to drive up security costs for an annual event that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the nation’s capital.

But the president has still not fully paid the bill for the last time he addressed a massive crowd on the Mall: his 2017 inauguration.

The Trump administration and Congress owe D.C. more than $7 million in expenses from Trump’s inauguration, according to federal and city financial records. The total cost of the four-day celebration, which culminated with a parade and gathering of roughly 600,000 people on the Mall, was $27.3 million.

As a result, the District has been forced to dip into a special fund that covers annual security costs for protecting the city from terrorist threats and hosting other events such as demonstrations, state funerals and the visits of foreign dignitaries. That fund, which for years was adequately replenished by federal dollars, is now on track to enter the red by this fall, records show.

Now, inaugurations do run over budget. Obama’s did in 2013. However, Obama submitted a plan to Congress to get D.C. paid for security costs of protecting all the extra people that showed up. Trump has done nothing, so D.C. has had to go into it’s Emergency Planning and Security Fund. They will have to do so again on the 4th of July and that’s why it’s predicted that the fund will soon go into the red.

Face it, the country’s just another casino, in Trump’s mind. But it will be interesting to see how well Trump does campaigning in cities where he hasn’t paid the police force for the last time. That may come back to haunt him. And bear in mind, Trump stiffs everybody. USA today did an article outlining 60 lawsuits and other government documents showing hundreds of workers have been stiffed by Trumps — and this is by no means an inclusive list. Last year Trumps personal driver sued the Trump Organization for 3,000 hours unpaid overtime and even Michael Cohen sued Trump for $2Million in legal fees shortly before he went to prison. This is vintage Trump, walk on the check — a tip he passed on to the younger generation. Junior and Eric skipped out on their bar bill in Ireland. Who cares? It’s only other peoples’ money.



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15 Comments on "Trump Stiffs Cops Right and Left, Is Now Set To Stiff D.C. Again On July 4th"

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p j evans

I’d like to think that all these places could deny permits for his public events until he pays his debts to them.


Quit participating , refuse to go.

Carol O

Where is he scheduled next? Orlando? All of these cities where he’s had his rallies and not paid for them should forward their bills to Orlando so they can see for themselves what will happen to them next. Then Orlando should cancel any permits, any events related to the Biggest Loser, save themselves the headache and cost of trying to collect. tRump is draining the Treasury for his own ends, like every other Repug administration before him. Deplorables.

Lil Blue Sock

Malaria’s friend got her $26 million from the inauguration……with 1.6 million right off the top, yet others get stiffed.


If nobody would show up, that would send a message !


America is trumps toilet.