Trump was so colossally off the walls in Iowa Tuesday, that even Fox Business had to do damage control with a fast cut away before Trump made an even bigger a$$ of himself. He started out doubling down on his insistence he knows more about tariffs than everybody else, then he incredibly claimed that California agreed with him that wildfires were not caused by climate change, but by not raking the forests. He said, “All of a sudden, about four weeks after [he made the comment] they learned I was right and now they’re managing the forest.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That was beyond idiotic, but the piece de resistance was when he began babbling about how the real issue Iowa farmers face is not being able to hook their tractors up to the internet. I was laughing so hard that I had to compose a few lyrics of a parody song. Sing it with me now, to the tune of “If I Had A Hammer.”

“If I had a tractor, I’d hook it up to wi-fi,

I’d hook it up to broadband, that Trump gave the Midwest,

I don’t wanna sell soybeans, don’t wanna make money,

Just wanna play online now, forget about tornados

with Trump’s gift of the interrrrrnet.” Twang.

Well, I guess they were plowing the fields with a dial up modem, before Donald Trump saved them, yesiree Bob. They’re in good shape now though, no worries.

While Trump was raving in the western part of the Hawkeye state, Joe Biden was in the eastern portion, and he gave a preview of what might be his campaign slogan. Wall Street Journal:

At a campaign stop in Mount Pleasant in eastern Iowa, the former vice president made a passing reference to Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, saying: “You talk about the fact that let’s ‘Make America Great Again.’ I’d settle for just let America be America again.”


Mr. Trump said if Mr. Biden was elected, “we would never be treated with respect because people don’t respect him.” He added that Mr. Biden “reminds me of crooked Hillary,” in a reference to his 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Yeah and the world respects you so much. That’s why we’re it’s laughing stock. And the farmers are hurting a’plenty from Trump’s idiotic tariffs, not from lack of internet. RawStory:

“I can stand a little bit of short-term pain to get a better market for the future,” said Dave Walton, an Iowa farmer and Trump voter. “But we’re at the point now that the pain has turned to bleeding.”

The trade war in combination with a series of natural disasters is putting farmers between a rock and a hard place. Recent promises from Trump to bail out farmers if China won’t buy their crop is certainly a help for the bottom line, but if that crop then gets destroyed in the torrential rains that have plagued Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, farmers are left unsure of what to do.

They don’t need to be unsure. We can tell them what to do. Just watch Trump do nothing, watch everything get destroyed, and then tell them that it’s not climate change, it’s the fact that they don’t rake the fields. And then he’ll get up a few months later and lie that Iowans came to agree with him about it. What Iowa farmers and all Iowans need to do, if they want relief from this, is vote Trump’s a$$ out of office.

And that might just happen. Trump’s polling at 42% in Iowa, and don’t forget, Obama took the state in 2012. Iowa is by no means locked up in the Trump column.



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Lil Blue Sock

Dumb Quixote just continues to fight his windmills/dragons while Rome burns…..*sigh*

p j evans

Tr*mp has never been in a tractor in his life. Heck, he hasn’t driven anything bigger than a golf cart in years – I don’t think he’d fit behind a steering wheel now.
Tractors have had A/C since the 80s, and CD players for 20 or so – before that, cassettes. If you’re going to be out in a field for three or four hours, or more, you need *something* to listen to. (Also: mobile phones were adopted by farms early. And computers. Farmers aren’t as backwards as that real-estate salesman from Queens.)


It’s astonishing to me how much of the mainstream media listens to this and just seems to go “Yup — that’s normal.”


Ugh. Shut the f#ck up.

Denis Elliott
What’s next? Trump wondering aloud at a rally why Ted Stevens hasn’t proposed a bill to provide special hookups to the series of tubes that make up the internet? The scary thing is that Trump might well have asked Yertle about it & ole Mitch looked at the grift he & his wife have been getting away with and decided to cover up just how crazy Trump has gotten. It does happen to be true that there have been long standing efforts to expand broadband access to rural areas. Of course, conservatives have fought tooth & nail to slow down… Read more »
Grosnick Von Scwanker
Grosnick Von Scwanker

P.T. Barnum in Chief……strikes AGAIN.