Wingnuttia wants war. The RWNJs, via Fox Nation Radio host Todd Starnes, are accusing the Democrats of attempting to “nullify” Trump’s election and provoke a civil war — so they’re building a rather colorful army to take to the streets. Starnes made his comments when on the radio with Franklin Graham, during Graham’s recent Day Of Prayer for Trump. Graham said, “We need more of God, Todd. Just look at the mess that this country is in right now.” He’s right about that, at least. Todd Starnes had a solution for Graham. This is how he described God’s legions and what they would do if those heathen Democrats impeached Donald Trump. Todd Starnes:

The facts are clear – President Trump was the victim of a political hit job. James Comey and Robert Mueller tried to take him out – but they failed. And now Congressional Democrats stand ready to finish what the Deep State started.

But they better put on their big boy pants because this president and his supporters are not going down without a fight.

Leaders of Rolling Thunder say they are ready to roar back into Washington to defend the president — if the Democrats move to impeach.

And if that happens – do not be surprised if the bikers are joined by hundreds of thousands of gun-toting, bible-clinging, smelly,Walmart patriots. The silent majority in this country is mad as hell – and we’re not going to take it any more.

Do you love this imagery? Redneck Trumpite bikers rolling into D.C., followed by legions of smelly “Walmart patriots” a gun in one hand, a Bible in the other? Then Starnes said something truly incredible. He accused Democrats of “weaponizing” the Constitution. Parse through that. Following the laws of the land is insurrection? Really?

We will not allow the Democrats or the Mainstream Media or the Deep State to weaponize the Constitution and overthrow a duly elected president.

They are dragging the nation dangerously close to what could be another civil war. That must not be allowed to happen.

Bear in mind the mindset of these people. They believe that they are living in the End Times and they’re quoting scripture about “God sending them [Democrats] strong delusion so that they may believe a lie.” [2 Thessaolonians 11] Rupert Murdoch must be God, by this description, because he’s the one broadcasting deception — and taking it to the bank. Murdoch may not be a student of the Bible, but he’s a disciple of P.T. Barnum.

We are at war with Wingnuttia. We have always been at war with Wingnuttia. This is not Orwellian dogma. Sadly, this is how it is.



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24 Comments on "RW Radio Host: ‘If Trump Is Impeached, Gun-Toting, Bible-Clinging Smelly Walmart Patriots Will Spark Civil War’"

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Lol, the recent white pride, Nazi turnout was paltry. ‘Hundreds of thousands,’ uh, no.


Just a bunch of knuckleheads afraid of being done the way they did others…no sympathy for any of them.


Pffft! That crowd has been blowing that same smoke my entire life. But when push comes to shove, they’re waiting on someone else to do the heavy lifting for them to finally enter Whitetopia. Talkers are rarely doers.

Lil Blue Sock



Well the snarling kid with the fake gun in the photo, is actually holding a cap pistol, or a non-noise making cast pot metal or metalized plastic toy replica, that would certainly get him killed by the police if he was threatening them with it at a distance … notice the half and half casting with no actual barrel protruding as a tube from the front end … he resembles as close as cadet bone spurs actually came to holding a real gun in backyard pretend war games at the sand box … his snarl is so close to trump’s… Read more »

Given that they scream loudly and carry a tiny twig, it’s easy to miss the fact that what is being proposed here is Mafia-level extortion… “Nice little country you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it. The only honorable response is “Bring it on.” It’s just icing on the cake that they have so little to bring.


My response would be a little quote from Godfather Part II: “My offer is this…nothing.”