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A trump hatin’ female American/French hotelier and chef I follow introduced The Bulwark into my Twitter feed with her likes… and I admit I’m enjoying it.

Nice to see some Republican on Republican aggression for a change.

This article I found particularly amusing…

“Only the Best Deals: How Trump Got Pantsed By Mexico

“The idea that Donald Trump successfully used the threat of tariffs to force Mexico to agree to an immigration deal is yet another fiction cooked up by the Trump propaganda machine.

The truth is this: Trump squandered any negotiating leverage he may have had by making an idle threat that everybody knew he couldn’t possibly follow through on.

The threat of imposing an immediate 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods, and then gradually ratcheting up the rate to 25 percent, was never real. The stock market hated it. The Chamber of Commerce and other U.S. business groups hated it. American consumers hated it. American manufacturers and farmers hated it. Even Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz hated it.

The prospect of Trump dropping that stink bomb into the U.S. economy in the run-up to a presidential election year was always a non-starter.

Not even Trump is that stupid.”

They go on to list the many items, already chronicled here, that Trump did not and will never get from Mexico, but it is fun to read Republicans make fun of him.

But Philip Rotner, who wrote the piece saved the best bit for the end:

“Only the best deals” turns out to be a lot like “only the best people.”

Click over for a chuckle if you enjoy that sort of thing.

I do.

I think I’ll give them a follow.

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rory darjiit

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