Remember how Ed Sullivan used to intone, “and next week, we’ve got a really big shoe?” Trump is also talking about “shoebiz” and it’s not a quirky accent, he’s put it in writing — on Twitter, of course.

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch has now joined the ranks of the “little” men of Trump world, where he’s in good company with Sadiq Khan, Bob Corker and Adam Schiff — who is also a “pencil neck” which is Trump-speak for, “This guy is smarter than hell and scares the p*ss out of me.”

Now, Donny Deutsch is undoubtedly jumping up and down, as did Michael Wolff, when he also piqued Trump with inconvenient truths, and he went bats*t and lashed out, causing Wolff’s book to rise to number one on the bestseller list. Deutsch has a new show on Saturday night and this only spikes the ratings, but Trump is evidently too dense to grok that. How many more times he will repeat this performance before it sinks in that he’s helping his foes, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank, is anybody’s guess.

Trump was reacting to the slings and arrows that Donny Deutsch sent his way recently, when Deutsch suggested a “re-brand” of the word impeachment to “criminal activity.” Deutsch said that would take away the binary choice, to impeach or not to impeach. He suggested that “Trump criminal investigations” be the new mantra, because impeachment is “a losing word” — and that even Trump called it a “disgusting” word. Deutsch said that the Trump criminal investigations would be “about taxes, it’ll be about the southern district…Mueller said, he obstructed justice,” and so forth.

Deutsch’s argument made a lot of sense. He was merely suggesting putting a different label on the same category of information and that evidently is where he intends to go with his new show “Saturday Night Politics.” Marketing is everything. I can tell you from personal experience that a change of headline can be the difference between a piece tanking and doing well. Deutsch may have a real point here.

And apparently Trump thinks so, too. My take on this is that Deutsch struck a raw nerve with Trump and that’s why he woke up in a hyper-defensive and self-righteous mode  — and nobody is more ridiculous than Donald Trump when he starts whining. So much whining. You’re going to get tired of whining.

If President Obama manufactured crises at the border and got his own party lathered up and foaming, he would have been disgraced (not that Trump’s not) and he would have stepped down. If President Obama p*ssed off Mexico so badly that it stopped buying farm products from the US and entered a trade deal with Argentina, and then got into a tariff war with China, causing them to go do business with the Russians, he would have been run out of town on a rail. But let’s just stay focused on the economy here, for another moment. Trump wants to be lauded for the economy and here are the cold, hard figures.

I am so sick of Trump’s deceptions and lies and GOP complicity I could scream. But it looks like all this may be coming back to bite him in the ass. Finally.

Friday morning the Labor Department released a jobs report, which shows a marked slowdown in the number of new jobs created, only 75,000. Also, businesses are cautious about spending capital right now, because of Trump’s tariff threats to China. So that’s creating a softening in another sector of the economy. The Federal Reserve is monitoring this and there may be a cut in interest rates coming. The Wall Street Journal reports  that government bond yields plunged recently and those are tight securities. If conservative investments are not solid, then that indicates that the economic picture is not as sound as it looks, let alone this “best economy in history” blather that Trump goes on about.

Far be it from me to hope that the economy craters, but I fear that the only way that people in this country are going to wake up is when they’re hurting, unfortunately. Same old cycle, different year. A Republican president goes in and screws up the country and then a Democrat goes in to clean up the mess. Let’s pray that happens sooner rather than later. We can’t take another four years of this bum — or we might be might be looking at bread lines and tents. I rule out nothing with this clown in office.


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IMO, it is quite possible that those people who continue to stand for this egregious criminal occupying the WH may very well have to stand in breadlines, give up their children to foster care while they themselves live in tents, IF they’re lucky, before they will remotely accept that their “hero” screwed them to the max. The koolaide they drank, unlike Jones’es, is not immediate death but slow loss of all that is dear. THEN perhaps they’ll get it.

Denis Elliott

I’m all for a national holiday about Trump – celebrating the day he gets his ass tossed out of Office! It can be called LOSER Trump Day, as being branded a loser would be more humiliating for Trump than being proven t have the short, mushroom headed dick Stormy Daniels claimed he has.


Hey, I’m down with that, like Bastille Day but cooler.


That’s the central failing of all cons: the smoke and mirrors always give way to cold reality (just as an aside, I always find it weird that the original Smoking Mirror AKA Tezcatlipoca was always associated with such cold truths). I prefer the Gandhi quote of how hateful folk always eventually fall myself to describe our situation. I’ve long since accepted the major damage to come. Everyone else on the Republican side doing the same is not my problem.

Rio J. Elkhart

Trump again saying outrageous, stupid things. Perhaps there will be a fitting holiday upon his demise. Trump apparently has no clue of his unpopularity.


He is the best at ONE thing, whining.


“We can’t take another four years of this bum.”
Amen to that. Hell, I’m not sure we can take another two weeks.

Lil Blue Sock

You already have a day dedicated to you Trump, it’s on April 1st every year.


A year ago a college classmate how has had a career as a Financial Advisor (we graduated 50+ years ago) sent us all a warning that he expected a serious Stock Market collapse in the relatively near term, based on what he expected rational investors’ responses to Trump’s follies would inevitably be. Now, with the Stock Market seeming to be sailing along with negligible damage, I am wondering if there is a hidden group manipulating the Market to keep Trump looking good, and how badly will they tank the market in the immediate wake of a Trump loss to stick… Read more »