‘This Body Is Not Our Own’ Declares RWNJ Mother of Ten, and GOP Men Agree


If anybody thinks the Handmaid’s Tale is the story of a dystopian future of a society bereft of reason, read this post by an evangelical mother of ten, who emphatically states that women’s bodies are not their own and it is not for them to say how many children they’re going to have — and she seems to find this empowering. No, family planning is no longer your concern, God will make that decision — or, more realistically, one of His agents here on earth. And this version of God is heartless, misogynistic and toxically male. This is no God of love, this is a dictator.

The reason I cannot stand the evangelical sub-culture and their thinking, is because these people have abandoned all responsibility for their own lives and instead, they have turned themselves over to a cult, that calls itself Christian, when in fact it is the antithesis of that. The wingnuts gaslight themselves into believing that they are being “led” by some all-seeing Eye In The Sky God, and this being watches them 24 hours a day, and “has a plan” for their lives — ergo, no need to make any plans on your own, God will do it all. You’re just a puppet, in the final analysis, and somebody else is pulling the strings; and absolutely if you’re a woman.

If you want to read something so scary that it will make the Handmaid’s Tale seem moderate, take a look at this post by Karissa Collins, on a blog called The Transformed Wife. I think it should be renamed The Trance-Formed Wife, because this gal is not in her right mind. She sounds lobotomized. Or, maybe she positively identified with the fascist exercise maven of “1984” — remember how Winston Smith is awakened by the telescreen and told to get out of a warm bed and start doing calisthenics, by a woman who boasts of having had 35 children, so that they could serve Big Brother? And so you better get a move on and catch up?

Many people look at my large family of almost ten and their minds are screaming…”NO THANK YOU.” I get it. I recently encountered a pregnancy announcement for baby number 16. My mind screamed..”IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?” It looks scary. It looks impossible. It doesn’t look like much fun.

But I am here to tell you that this life is not our own. This body is not our ownAnd who are we really living for?

Okay, my body is not my own. And my life is not my own. So how does that distinguish me from a chicken or a cow? They don’t know if they’re going to be kept to lay eggs or be milked or be butchered the next day. It’s not their call to make. Answer: there is no distinction. I’m livestock. If you’re female, so are you.

Now, there is supposed to be a really biggg distinction between the beasts of the field and the yous and mes. We are given, according to the Bible, the wingnuts’ very textbook, free will. If you go to the very first chapter, Genesis, it makes it clear that people have choices. God said to Adam and Eve, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” 

Now, as you recall, they ignored that direction. They exercised free will. Whether the results were good or bad is immaterial, point being, they had free will and they exercised it. Apparently, that law has been abrogated because, according to this woman, your ideas on the topic of reproduction not only are of no consequence, the last thing that you want to do is make your own decisions.

God might decide to give you one baby and he might decide to give you twenty. We just never know what He has planned or has in store for us. If we don’t trust Him to decide, we will never know. We do have a choice. A choice to live life in our own hands or to trust Him.

You believe this? Members of the Party of Personal Responsibility are now saying, in essence, that there is no such thing? “In God We Trust” now means, we are clueless and that’s okay, because whatever happens, we can just throw up our hands and say, “It’s God’s will.” Now here’s where it gets scary.

We can simply live for the culture. By their rules. By their limitations. By their standards. Or we can live by God’s.,,,

What an honor it is to use our bodies as a vessel to bring forth life God creates…. That this isn’t our children, but rather God’s and we get to be a part of God’s greater plan. We get to be the vessel He uses.

I think Mrs. Collins made a typo, it should read, “this isn’t our children, but rather GOPs.” The problem is GOP is the last party that’s going to do anything for the kid once it’s born. They can’t cut insurance and school lunch programs fast enough.

Mrs. Collins uses the word “vessel,” to describe herself. Republican Florida State Rep. Jose Oliva said a woman was a”host body.” He later recanted it, but during an interview, he used the term “host body” a total of five times. Alien or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, here we come.

Then there’s Marco Rubio. According to this clip on the Planned Parenthood site, Rubio doesn’t even want abortion if it will save the life of the mother. Hell, she’s only a woman, let her die, right?

Has said that he “personally” doesn’t believe in exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman: On Fox News’ ‘Hannity,’ host Sean Hannity asked Rubio about his position on abortion exceptions, Rubio’s response was, ““If I’m president and the only bill that can pass is one that has exceptions, that means we’re still going to save millions of lives. But I personally believe, that life begins at conception and all human life is worthy of protection.” [FOX News, 4/13/15]

Now, take the obvious interpretation of the man’s words. “All human life” means in vitro, it does not mean that grown women are human. No, we’ve already heard, grown women are mere host bodies, mere breeding mechanisms, receptacles, vessels, take your pick. But nowhere has the word “person” been used, in this toxic brew of religion and politics from Wingnuttia and it’s GOP elected officials. Here’s the bottom line from Mrs. Collins.

As women, our bodies were made for this. He chose us to procreate. He created us to bring forth life….Let’s start celebrating the short-lived years of fertility.

There you go, biology is destiny, and if you are a female, you’re an incubator and your life is of no consequence, other than in that context. There are members of the GOP on record here to attest to that viewpoint, just hit the links. And there’s this lobotomized woman to co-sign on their absurd anti-life stance. The GOP is not pro-life, they are anti-life.

Forced birth, no exceptions, not even to save your life. Your only purpose as a woman is to procreate, even if impregnated by incest or rape. This is not a moral, empathetic stance, let alone a religious one, this is pure raging misogyny.

This is sick, twisted and warped. But this is very real in Trump’s America. These are the pre-echoes of a fascist state mirroring George Orwell’s “1984.” All we need now is to take all these kids the wingnuts are procreating and put them in little Spies and Youth League uniforms, just like Orwell wrote, and fascist state, there we are. This is how it starts. And Gilead is not so fantastic as you might think.




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Lil Blue Sock

I had wondered how the Talibangelicals and RWNJs in general could completely and willingly revel in their ingnorance…….now I learn they feel they have no free will or need to think for themselves and so welcome the ignorance…..there is no need to think as they will be told by God (and the Group Of Pricks/Faux News) what to think.

To them. ignorance is indeed bliss.

Thanks Ursula…..now I understand.

Damn, I was beginning to think the birthers would come around to explain how we the people were going to support all the forced babies, since a 9-10 year old girl, raped and pregnant, after 9 months of hell would NOT have the means to do all the tests and maintenance schedule required for a pregnant mother, then on to the birth itself, obviously done in a hospital or a clinic with facilities for safe births, especially one to a child with a small frame and minimally developed organs herself … Another consideration, a young girl, say 17-18 years old,… Read more »
Gregory Jordan

I pray trump is not re-elected so these middle age nuts will go back into obscurity.

Nothing new here. In Texas, (where good old Cruz comes from) the Divorce Decree states that the husband no longer possesses the wife. Nowhere in the document does it state the wife no longer possesses the husband. And the parents both possess the children. I personally mutter under my breath that I hope the children are possessed (while Tubular Bells is playing in my head as well). If you follow this stupid logical fallacy, then we don’t need criminal laws or prisons either. It was just God’s will that someone else was murdered, raped, burglarized, etc. No need to punish… Read more »

Evilgelicals are missing the point. The point is not whether or not my body belongs to God. The point is, whoever it belongs to, it doe NOT belong to THEM.

I’m actually fine with my body belong to God, in which case She/He is my authority on the best way to deal with it – NOT lawmakers, NOT a bunch of self-righteous people whose beliefs I don’t share, NOT anyone but God, and they need to stay the hell out of bodies they are not personally walking around in.

rory darjiit

Sometimes a person’s body is not their own…like if they’re demanded by legal subpoena to show up somewhere at a specific time.

But anyway…what is the response to the counterargument that if the state can force a woman to have many children, it could force a woman to have few or no children?

Also…I mean…J.H.C…don’t get an abortion, fine. But after kids six or seven or eight, it’s time for surgical birth control. And yes…the dude should be the one stepping up…after that many kids the woman has definitely pulled her weight in the OR.


I’m always amazed by religion. I mean, it’s pretty clear that man created god in his own image. And by “man” I mean guys. A pretty easy way to control the rubes and maintain power and wealth. I just don’t understand how they sold women on the idea. Hey, want to join a group that considers you inferior? Where do I sign up?