Fox News Bombed In UK and a Lost Trump Calls For Boycott Of AT&T As Brits Reject Him


Trump found the news coverage of his so-far botched visit to the UK “all negative.” Well, there’s a good reason for that — it is all negative. Even the few conservative voices who have dared to peep out a moderately good word on his behalf are getting slammed back by their peers.  Conservative MP Jacob Rees Mogg made the traditional comment that one respects a United States president, even if one doesn’t like him, bla bla and MP Stephen Doughty staunchly disagreed. He opined on Sky News today that it was “grossly naive of the Prime Minister to offer president Trump this state visit,” and he said, “we shouldn’t be offering honors to people whose values don’t align with British values or with American values or indeed, the values of the civilized world. President Trump does none of those things.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

While this was going on, the Toddler in Chief made another Twitter BM. Twitter is his diaper, I’have decided.

Now, ironically, the reason Fox News is no longer on the air in the UK is because Rupert Murdoch pulled it in 2017. Fox had been on the air since 2002, but Murdoch’s Sky Media took it off the air because nobody was watching it and it wasn’t making any money. Plus, the blatant right wing bias and disregard of journalistic standards, which are the hallmarks of Fox, did not set well with British broadcasting standards. Think Progress:

A few months after it was taken off the air, the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) ruled against Fox New for having violated impartiality rules. Specifically, Ofcom concluded that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson had criticized various British officials without seeking proper comment from the government. Regarding Hannity’s coverage of British officials’ criticism of Trump’s Muslim travel ban, Ofcom wrote:

Ofcom acknowledged that viewers were likely to expect Hannity to address controversial issues from a perspective that is generally more supportive of the US Republican party. However, the likely audience expectations did not provide sufficient contextual justification to outweigh the numerous highly critical statements made about people who had opposed the order, coupled with the clear support being expressed for the policies of President Trump.

Had Fox News still been available at the time, it would have been subject to significant fines from the British government.

Nice to know some people still have standards, both with regards to journalistic integrity and decency. Where we lost ours in America is a mystery to me.

Meanwhile, England swings like a pendulum do, the Trump baby blimp is aloft overhead and an estimated 250,000 Brits are in the street.

And it’s only Monday.


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‘Stoped? He should not have been invited at all.


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, Mr. Tangerine Man. Even if you fled to Russia itself right now, you’d never get away from all that “fake news” you hate so much. Also, ask your online ideological children, the anti-SJW crowd, how great that “boycott” against the movie Captain Marvel worked out.

But don’t feel too bad. Considering that next week, the House Judiciary Committee is going through a series of educational hearings on the Mueller Report, you might look at this weekend as the good old days.


I suppose any news about Dimwit Donny is by definition, fake news, as everything about him is fake. He’s never achieved anything ‘real’ in his life.