Justin Amash Reigns Hellfire On William Barr For Using His Office ‘To Sell The President’s False Narrative To The American People’


GOP Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) launched another well-deserved tirade against William Barr on Twitter Tuesday, calling out Barr for his false narrative and his self-serving ways. Before we get to that, please permit me an aside on Twitter itself. Twitter gets bashed as a cesspool, too frequently, and I believe, too unfairly. It is an outstanding communication medium when used to it’s fullest advantage. A few days ago, Virginia Heffernan of the Los Angeles Times wrote a piece, “Justin Amash cuts through Trump’s baby talk with A+ twitter eloquence” and I agree. He did it last week and he did it again Tuesday. First, read what Heffernan has to say about Twitter as a medium:

When Latin poetry gave way to English poetry among English speakers, it was derided as pop for the unwashed masses. Then poetry gave way to workaday prose, and the novel was considered an ignoble form for the unsophisticated.

Newspapers — forget about it. People who read disposable broadsheets and tabloids at the turn of the 19th century were clearly too dumb for books of philosophy, poetry or even fiction. Poor slobs, they were not looking for wisdom or moral instruction: just sports scores, job listings, and news of wars and elections that might be immediately entertaining or useful.

You can guess where this is going: Twitter. Twitter is clearly the vulgar vulgate of our time. It’s overcrowded; it’s slangy; it’s loud and addictively entertaining. But it’s also a place where freethinkers can pick and choose — across class, race, station, gender, geography, religion, politics — their intellectual teachers, sparring partners, nemeses and fellow travelers . And if, as Amash did, you produce a clear signal amid the noise, people listen and pass it on. Twitter is indispensable for making meaning in these chaotic times.

Justin Amash sent another clear signal through the noise Tuesday morning.

As Heffernan said last week, Amash beautifully uses the Twitter form, and this is a good thing. Twitter moves at the speed of light. It’s immediacy makes it a powerful tool. It’s good to see it being used properly, not as baby talk at 3:30 a.m. as our titular leader uses it.

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rory darjiit
There’s a distinction that Heffernan is missing in his comments, I think. Twitter is a media entity, not the medium itself. I’d think of the medium as short-form social network commentary. Twitter is one entity within that medium…and one that is trying to, and has to some degree, established a monopoly (as has happened with most of the 21st century new forms of communication). So when I criticize Twitter, I’m not criticizing the entire medium or process of people going on to their social media network and making commentary that is broadcast throughout their network. That’s perfectly okay. What I… Read more »
I sense an impatient wave building up, even the Republicans, those with use of their own minds still available, and are close enough, (being in the House), to actually see and hear actions from the phony AG to aggravate and stymy the intense scrutiny of Adam Schiff and his team, along with the other committees, taking apart the Trump criminal action team, one tricky Di*k Head at a time … the Trump/Barr kissing party would be entertaining if it was not so damn dangerous … They are making themselves into a Kraken of enormous powers, a very short distance from,… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

I wonder what organized sports were being played at the turn of the 19th century that Heffernan said readers of broadsheets were interested in catching up on…..*scrathes head*

Concerning Amash, Trump must be polling badly in his district, otherwise, he would be nose deep in Trump’s azz like the rest of them.


Or just maybe he is that unicorn, the principled Republican?

Lil Blue Sock

I think that species became extinct when McCain passed away…..not that I am a fan, but he did vote his conscience over party once or twice.


In the back of my mind, I hear the most famous version of the old blues tune “When The Levee Breaks” as performed by Led Zeppelin. Amash may be the first GOP rep to come out and say it. He will be far from the last.