Buttigieg Nails Trump Fixation — ‘It Is The Nature Of Grotesque Things That You Cannot Look Away’


Donald Trump doesn’t know where the red-line is drawn, or at least he pretends not to. His latest journey beyond the pale involved putting out an altered video of Nancy Pelosi. Trump created this blasphemy and then used social media to amplify it, tweeting, “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” and then Rudy Giuliani backed him up with a tweet, “What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre.” That tweet has since been deleted, and as to what was wrong with the Speaker — same thing that was wrong with reporter Jim Acosta, when he was depicted karate chopping a White House employee at a press conference, i.e., the video had been doctored. What you saw was an altered version of what actually took place, created for the purpose of smearing the individual in question. That is what we call Propaganda 101 and it’s standard operating procedure at the Mad House, which we might as well start calling that piece of real estate on Pennsylvania Avenue, because it’s accurate.

This is to be expected from the Un-Reality TV actor that we have in the White House. All the world’s a sound stage and all the people merely viewers. And he’s the “star” ala Gloria Swanson in the last frames of “Sunset Boulevard” where her descent down the staircase and her descent into madness are one and the same.

Now, the good news is that Nancy Pelosi is nobody’s fool and she knows how to get to Trump, as does Pete Buttigieg, who made the comment on Fox News of all places, about the nation’s Trump obsession, “It’s the nature of grotesque things that you cannot look away.” Spot on, Mayor Pete. Here’s more that’s spot on from Maureen Dowd, New York Times:

“I don’t have a problem standing up to somebody who was working on Season 7 of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ when I was packing my bags for Afghanistan,” Buttigieg told The Post’s Robert Costa, saying he took a dim view of Trump’s bone-spurs excuse to get out of serving in Vietnam.

Pelosi winds Trump up when she drips condescension worthy of a Jane Austen grande dame, saying she will pray for the president or pleading for someone to stage an intervention with the poor soul.

After Pelosi remarked that the president was engaged in a cover-up, Trump dynamited his own meeting with “Crazy Nancy,” as he called her. His I’m not crazy, you’re crazy rebuttal to Pelosi echoed his I’m not a puppet, you’re a puppet line to Hillary Clinton during the debate. […]

“He does outrageous, nasty, destructive things, knowing full well he’s crossing a line, and then he pretends he didn’t,” said Trump biographer Tim O’Brien. “He has spent five decades going to gossip columnists, radio shows, TV interviews and newspapers to stick a knife into almost anybody who crosses his path that he doesn’t like and he revels in it. There is something amazing in the Energizer Bunny aspect of his nastiness and his ignorance. He doesn’t care what people think about how mean or dumb he is. He just keeps going.”

O’Brien is right, this is who Trump is. It’s all about attention. That’s all it’s ever been about. The man’s soul is a void, a black hole in space, totally empty and devoid of light. He’s the moon, reflecting the light of that which is alive, but having no life of his own. He lives for the cheers, the lights and the cameras, without which he is nothing. He’s like a man in a sensory deprivation tank, nothing gets in and what rattles around in his brain spews out the next day incoherently on Twitter. Yet miraculously, a person like this, was somehow enabled, both by a disgruntled electorate, duped into thinking a populist outsider could be their savior and by an archaic electoral college system, to attain the highest office in our land. He was elected by those who are superficially informed at best, and respond to images on the TV set, and characters that can pull emotional triggers, more than leaders making sense. This much we already know, all too well, and all to our collective detriment, as our farmers go broke, public schooling worsens, our international trade relations are severed, perhaps forever; while we’ve gone from being the exemplary ideal of the world to its laughing stock.

We’ve paid one hell of a price for this miscarriage of the democratic process which resulted in the election of this abnormality, this freak not only of politics but of publicity, the twin pools which spawned him, now durably polluted — for how long, we don’t know, but this mess is not going to be cleaned up overnight, that much is certain.

The ballot box giveth and the ballot box taketh away. Right now Trump is engaged in a death fight to stay in office. He granted extraordinary powers to William Barr the other day, allowing Barr to declassify documents, as some sort of justification for routing out Trump’s political enemies, i.e., the men and women of the FBI who were doing their job in 2016, investigating ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Trump even called out some of these people by name, James Comey, Peter Strzock, Lisa Page (“his wonderful lover, Lisa Page,” OMG) and Andrew McCabe. He shouted out on Twitter, once again, “My campaign was spied upon…this is TREASON!”

This idiot extradinaire doesn’t even know what treason is. Treason is defined as levying war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to the enemy meaning a country or countries which whom we are already at war. This consummate moron is sitting in the chair behind the Resolute Desk and tweeting this blather out into the ethernet and he hasn’t the remotest clue of what he’s talking about. It just sounds good that he should be asking for the death penalty for a crime which hasn’t been committed by people whose only real “transgression” has been that they honored their oaths of office and their country rather than capitulate to the whims of this two bit, gee gaw, jim-crack, side show freak, who somehow managed to get the keys to the mansion on the hill.

So while the Trespasser in Chief squats in the People’s House, knowing he doesn’t belong there and knowing that the eviction notice is coming, November 3, 2020, if not sooner, let’s make sure he gets that eviction notice. I don’t advocate for “the I-Word” because I think that’s another Trumpian manipulation and he wants to be impeached, so he has more ammunition to play the victim and piss and moan to his base about plots and the Deep State.  I’m for divesting ourselves of this millstone around the neck of the body politic at the only place where it counts, the ballot box.

Resist and GOTV like your life depended on it — because, friends, it does. This time it really does. We’re already down in the water up to our chin and if Trump gets reelected in 2020, it’s glub glub. I hate to be a fatalist, but that’s how I see it.

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Lil Blue Sock
Ursula…..of all the chaos and unbelievable ignorance this dumbass has unleashed on the nation and the fury it has caused me, the report that he will do an event/photo op with active service members in Japan on Memorial Day….the fact that this draft dodging pig would use the military for a photo shoot on tha,t day makes me literally sick to my stomach. There is a special place in Hell for this bastard. My favorite Buttigiegism was when he told Pence that any issues with his sexuality should be taken up with his creator. ……all they could do is whimper… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

P.S. A friend told me that one of her memebers posted to her site an ad where dumbass is having a Memorial Day Sale of all of his MAGAt swag.



Now Sarah Sanders says that Trump will leave it up to Barr to decide if Comey should be arrested. I am going to lose my mind soon. I don’t know what should be done anymore, not that I ever did, anyway. There doesn’t seem to be any more time. Impeachment is morally, the right thing o do, it won’t get rid of trump, though. I am just lost here.


What should be done is what is being done, Cmae. One doesn’t take clay from the Earth and use it to build the Pyramids of Giza in a single night. The correct response to anything outrageous from this camp is “pull the other leg.” They can say anything. They will say anything. But their followup sucks with the force of a black hole. Only panic if there is action.


While this stellar bit of dialogue applies to our current circumstances, think of it as a preview on what is waiting for Trump and/or his kids: “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Mostly, the Lord taketh away.”