There might be a good reason for this, but if there isn’t I’m hacked off.

NBC News

“After a dispute over comments by Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., about the death of migrant children at the southern border during a heated budget hearing on Wednesday, Republicans voted to remove her remarks from the record.

“This is more than a question of resources,” Underwood said during the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the administration’s budget request from acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. “Congress has been more than willing to provide resources and to work with you, Mr. Secretary, to address the security and humanitarian concerns and, at this point, with five children dead and 5,000 separated from their families, this is intentional. It’s a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration, and it’s cruel and inhumane.”

McAleenan excoriated the freshman Illinois lawmaker for the comments, which she refused to walk back.

After the clash over her comments, the committee voted to strike Underwood’s comments from the record. Nine Republicans voted to delete the remarks and seven Democrats voted against doing so; 10 Democrats were not present for the vote.

Here’s the exchange:

How can we let Republicans have a majority at such a crucial committee meeting?


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5 Comments on "Republicans Vote to Strike Rep. Underwood’s Words from House Records. Where Were the Dems?"

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Lil Blue Sock

Sadly the obvious answer is that we as Democrats care more about the issues at hand than the representatives hired by us to represent us and our concerns.

You can’t have a lackadaisical attitude towards criminals, and make no mistake, elected Republicans ARE criminals…also, make no mistake that they calculated the situation and pounced.



Something tells me, to strike ANYTHING from the procedural record of these meetings, via a vote from just those in attendance in a partisan way should be thrown out, and a full House should be asked for a vote, because the congressional records at all levels, in OUR HOUSE, can affect ALL of the people …

Her statement shows the TRUTH of the matter, if it was made as in the Trump drivel, which is so wrong and self serving, it might qualify, but THIS is definitely NOT that at all …

rory darjiit
The reason sounds like the Dems didn’t fully staff the hearing because it’s a minor hearing where nothing significant was going to occur, and the Republicans used the opportunity to exert pretty much their maximum power in the House right now…which is to be obnoxious. I’m not sure it’s something to get upset at Dems over. To be honest, it sounds like a misstep by the GOPers. Her comments would have been considered by almost no one if they’d kept their mouths closed. Now it’s news, which reminds the public that kids in cages are dying. I have absolutely no… Read more »
Personally, I don’t think the Republicans have any sense of unity in the House, they, and a number of Senators are going to get the heat in the next vote, and the blood stained brick road they have been laying out over the last couple years is starting to show pot holes for their futures, run bunny rabbit, run for your future life away from our congress … I’m tickled to see the progress of the freshman class of Reps. they are doing GOOD for the country, just need to shut down McConnell …. throw in our Grassley for good… Read more »

The new norm – The only good Republican is a dead one.