Hey Democrats. You have another power besides subpoenas, so USE IT!


Earlier today I wrote an article in which I stated that billionaire Tom Steyer was being less than forthright in the way he portrayed public sentiment in the Democratic base on the subject of impeachment. But that topic rouches on a problem that the Democrats are creating for themselves, especially in the House, and one that they can easily correct.

In my earlier article, I posited that Steyer was attempting to show that the Democratic incumbents in the House were alienating their constituents in failing to move immediately to impeach El Pendejo President, when in fact most of the 40 new Democrats avoided the subject of impeachment like the plague, running instead on Housing, wages, infrastructure, healthcare and education. But that is the impression Steyer is trying to portray.

In fact, based on everything I’ve seen, heard, and read, the truth is exactly the opposite of what Tom Steyer is claiming it to be. Most of the people you talk to, or reporters talk to at least, both Democratic and Republican, as well as independents and small barnyard animals, are sick up-to-here with Robert Mueller, Trump-Russia, and impeachment. They want their representatives to do what they sent the goofy bastards there to do in the first place, legislate the issues that they voted them into power to deal with. And yet, when almost any member of congress is before a camera and microphone, what is the first, last, and normally only subject of the interview? The friggin’ Mueller report and impeaching His Lowness!

It’s not like the Democrats are falling asleep at the switch here. They passed HR 1, a sweeping omnibus resolution aimed at reforming money in politics and voter rights. Parts of that are now being surgically removed to be voted on as stand alone bills, to be sent to the Senate to force Yertl the McConnell to obstruct them. They passed a potent gun background bill, the first truly significant piece of gun control legislation in a generation. They just passed, or are in the process of passing a bill to help reduce prescription drug costs. And they are holding hearings on our current healthcare status, with an eye to determining how to move forward to lower medical insurance costs and increase coverage. Speaker Pelosi is awaiting word from The Great Pumpkin on how a new trillion dollar plus infrastructure plan is to be funded before proceeding into the weeds on preparing a package. The Democrats are doing exactly what they promised to do, legislating on the issues people elected them to solve. But all you hear about in the media is Robert Mueller and impeachment.

Most of y’all spent more than a year running to become congress critters, and in about 6 months you’re gonna have to do it all over again. One of the nice things about being in congress is that there is no shortage of TV crews and reporters in the Capitol. Hell, you can’t make a visit to the loo without tripping over a half a dozen of them in the hallway, and all of them are looking for a quote.

They’re right there, use them fer Crissake! Tout the bills you’ve passed, the ones in committee that will shortly be coming to the full House for a vote, and pertinent issues being discussed in hearings. Yeah, I know they’re gonna want to go directly to impeachment, but it’s easy enough to deflect that with something like, “I have no doubt that the Intelligence committee, or the Judicial committee, or whatever committee, will deal with that effectively, but on the floor, we’re working hard to ensure that every family has access to affordable child care for working families.” See how easy that is? And it’s not like they’re gonna cut you off, or turn off the camera, and at least some of that is going to get into print or on the idiot box.

This is what you need to do. Because every Democrat in the House who didn’t just have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled is bellying up to the camera to swear earnestly that they “can walk and chew gum at the same time.” Well, we’ve had four months of impeachment gum chewing, it’s about time that we walked a few legislative accomplishments in front of the camera lens. It’ll give you an opportunity to flay Mitch McConnell alive for obstructing all of your hard work, just think how much fun that will be. When it comes right down to it, there are only so many constituents who can physically show up to your town hall meetings, and fewer yet who probably read your congressional newsletters, but almost all of them still read the paper and watch the 6 o’clock news. And it’s never too early to start showing them that you’re “Takin’ care of business–Every day!”

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p j evans

Mine sends out a newsletter once in a while, or has a telephone town hall, but that’s about it; he’s a back-bencher, really. Sometimes he’s even in his district (his office is way off in the far corner from most of us). The last one…wasn’t much better. The one before that was Henry Waxman, and we knew what he was doing, because he had power.