Don’t believe the hype, it’s all a con.


There are two things that I saw in the last hour that drove me to the keyboard today, in what should be my “day of rest,” cuz I’m like, ya know, so damn busy the rest of the week. But when duty calls, ya gotta step up and represent.

First, I never realized how little I missed Kayleigh McEnany during her enforced hiatus from MSNBC and CNN for her excessive oral flatulence, until I once again clapped eyes on her reality free self again today on MSNBC. Time to renew the boycott guys. I don’t care if she’s the spokesclown for the Trump 2020 campaign, she’s still as irritating, fact free, abrasive, and interruption prone that got her and her sob sister, KellyAnne Con-way the boot in the first place. But she plays a part in this sordid saga, so here she is.

Second, and more important, don’t be fooled by Justin Amash. So there’s finally a Republican member of congress who managed to remember he took an oath, huh? *Sniff,sniff* Ah, a vintage 2016 bullshit Chardonnay, with a rich bouquet of irony, yet just a touch of slapstick. There’s a reason you uncork a classic like this, and it’s not for the guys at the bowling league.

Look, I am not here to judge Amash’s intentions. Justin Amash is a Trump supporter, but he has also been known to rather publicly buck Trump when he is of the mood. I’ll let each individual assign their own judgement on Amash’s intentions and probity. But no matter the decision, the outcome is pure bullshit, either way.

It is already well established that Donald Trump goes to bed every night dreaming of the blessed day that Nancy Pelosi utters the magic word, impeachment. Trump is mired in the low to mid 40’s, and in a poll released a day or so ago, he was stuck on 41% against every one of the top 5 Democratic challengers. Trump needs impeachment the way a goldfish needs a bowl, to rally his seemingly shrinking and flagging base around him. So you do everything in your power to force the issue, like stonewall document production and testimony, and laugh off congressional subpoenas.

And still Pelosi won’t pull the trigger. What a rip off! Jeez, you call her Nancy, you help her retake the House, and still she won’t cut you a break? No, man, the Dude will not abide!

But, in the moment of your darkest need, talk about pennies from heaven! Justin Amash, a card carrying, duly elected Republican member of congress, says you should be impeached! Now that should break the logjam. Nancy has been stalling on impeaching Trump pending GOP buy in, well Justin Amash just anted into the pot. It only takes one GOP vote in the House floor vote to make it bipartisan. What are you waiting for,Nancy?

And boy, are Trump and his army of Trombies playing this one to the bone. Trump took his righteous outrage to Twitter, to call Amash a loser, and a total lightweight! And that was after his 11th hole-in-one in 8 holes, so you know he was royally pissed.  And the aforementioned McEnany girded her loins and hit MSNBC, where she called Amash a total lunatic, and demented, and sang a dirge about all of his previous treachery towards Glorious Bleater. By the way they’re carrying on, you would have thought that Amash had snuck up behind Trump, reached out, and pulled up that dead muskrat on top of his head, exposing the shiny bald dome beneath. It’s heresy I tel ya, heresy!

Once again, idjits that they are, Trump and his tidal basin of sludge have overplayed their hand. Justin Amash’s base betrayal doesn’t do a damn thing to change the dynamics of impeachment in the Senate. And a single “Aye” vote from Amash on the floor of the House is not going to change the outcome as being seen as purely partisan. And yet, the Trump klan is screaming and smoking, and charring like a vampire exposed to sunlight at the thought of this one defection. From where I’m sitting, when the damn rabbit hollers that loudly, begging him to not throw you in the briar patch over there, maybe you should listen to him once in a while.

Yeah, I know it’s Sunday, and I know that it’s a sin to take the Lords name in vain, but God-damn do these people think we’re stupid! Just another day in Toontown folks.

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Dino Durrati

All drumpf has to do to rally his base is say “Look! Mexican! Wall!”

The reason we need to impeach is that if we don’t he will be telling independents “Look, they don’t have the goods on me or they would impeach.”

Pelosi and Nadler are in danger of depressing Democratic turnout by refusing to do their Constitutional duty.

Trump is refusing to comply is because it makes him look strong and Democrats look weak.

Punch the bully in the 👃 or lose. Those are no other choices.


Are we really going to look back in ten or twenty years, even if only knowing what we already know, and say we didn’t impeach?
Dimwit Donnie is THE most impeachable president ever!

Carol O

No one’s saying no impeachment, they’re saying no impeachment yet, the significant word is yet. All in good time. Like everyone else, I’d like to have seen his moldy ass tossed out of the WH long ago (or never there in the first place), but the more that’s uncovered about his crimes and corruption, the better chance we have that the Senate will finally come around. I don’t want this guy getting any more free passes than he’s already had. He needs to be locked up, for good.

Gerald Boyette

The mystery so far is the mind boggling majority opinion, according to “polls”, is that impeachment is not popular and has a good chance of being counterproductive and helping the GOP hold on to the Senate. I don’t believe the public is upset over obstruction of justice which sounds like a technicality rather than a crime.
Until an obvious, relatable crime is revealed that catches the imagination of that majority it makes for poor politics to impeach.

p j evans

It was like this with Nixon, too.