Pastor David Barnhart of St. Junia United Methodist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, delivered a powerful sermon on Facebook last June to the generation of vipers and hypocrites who are passing forced birthing legislation there and across the nation.

It is worth revisiting:

“They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus but actually dislike people who breathe.”

Truer word were never spoken.

Thank you, Pastor Dave.   

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6 Comments on "Birmingham, Alabama Pastor Has Powerful Sermon for Forced-Birthing Republicans."

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Fabulous! As an Atheist, I find this pastor very refreshing , and am glad some in the religious community actually have some intelligence.

Oscar Blanco
The Republican party is not for “pro-life”, they are for “pro-birth”. The policies of the Republican party are not for taking care of children after they are born. They are for separating them from their parents at the border. They plan to get Americans off food stamps that put 4 million children at risk. Republican Health Care plans and the reduction of Medicare will hurt children as well. The full impact of Congress’s hastily passed tax bills is still being debated, but one thing is very clear: they are putting our children’s future at stake. And the tax bill is… Read more »
P J Evans

They’re “Forced-Birthers” – they don’t care about women, except as something to bear children (preferably white males).

Carol O

Wow! Telling it like it is. Wish we could get this in front of every hypocritical fundamentalist, not that I think they’d get it.

Jon Haymon Haymon

I wish he would move out of his circle of influence and into reality. The “proliferation movements have long since moved on from “hollering through the fence” to actually caring for the survivors of unplanned pregnancies. Most churches now have resources in place to help those who choose to birth their babies and help bear the financial burden of adoption and foster care. A catchy sermon but far from the reality I live with every day.

P J Evans

[citation needed]
Too many of those churches aren’t helping people who aren’t members. For them charity is very. very limited – and they’re not going to get women jobs with living wages, or help with childcare or food or housing.