Trump Claims Nobody Told Him About Flynn — Everybody Told Him But Jarvanka Ruled The Day


If there is one attribute that Donald Trump has, it’s consistency. He has a stupid idea, he’s told it’s stupid, he does it anyway, something goes wrong, and then he blames everybody else. This morning’s tweet fest began at 4:00 a.m., with Trump demanding long prison terms for FBI investigators doing their jobs, accusing them of spying and treason and then he posted this exculpatory jewel at 7:30 a.m.

“It would have been impossible for me to know this.” Of course it would have. Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn. Obama fired Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014. Apparently Trump interpreted that as a good thing, hey, if Obama fires you, you must be cool.

Elijah Cummings spoke to Mike Pence in November, 2016, warning him that Flynn was working for Turkey and making speeches in Russia and that there was an obvious conflict of interests. Pence shined that on, did nothing, and claimed that the first he knew anything about Flynn was when he read it in the Washington Post.

Sally Yates told Don McGahn January 26, 2017 about Flynn’s back channel contacts with Kisylak, which the Justice Department feared might make him subject to blackmail. That conversation fell on deaf ears, apparently, because on January 28, 2017 Flynn was part of a three way call between Trump and Putin. Then on January 30, 2017, Trump fired Yates. Yates leaked her warning about Flynn and on Valentine’s Day, Trump fired Flynn — with Mike Pence strutting around sanctimoniously claiming he knew nothing, nothing.

According to RawStory, even Chris freaking Christie knew the score about Flynn and went so far as to warn Jarvanka, but they wouldn’t accept reality either, because Jared was in love with back channels to the Kremlin. He tried to put one of his own together, if you recall, at the same time that Pence’s benefactor and bankroller, Eric Prince, was having a tete a tete with an emissary of Putin’s in the Seychelle’s Islands. But nobody knows nuttin’ with this crowd.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ignored warnings from Chris Christie and other top officials in November 2016 about Flynn, who the president’s son-in-law reportedly instructed to make contact with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and offered the retired general any administration job he wanted.

So, it’s Jarvanka, once again. The most powerful nation in the world, in the hands of a senile, Adderall-addicted conman, who is taking direction on affairs of state from his daughter and her clueless trust-fund-baby husband. And this is not the first over the top decision that Jared made and Ivanka co-signed on. You remember it was Jared’s idea to fire James Comey, which Steve Bannon called, “The worst decision in modern political history.”

Jared Kushner is dangerous. He doesn’t know anything about government, he doesn’t listen to anybody who does, (he and John Kelly loathed one another) and he is compelled to pursue his Machiavellian schemes and get into bed with the worst dictators on the planet because of the way he effs up his finances. Kushner is so stupid, that he really believes that he’s going to solve immigration and peace in the Middle East, two issues which have stymied the best political minds of the past 50 years, but Jared thinks he’s Tom Cruize in a Mission Impossible movie, apparently, and by the time they roll the credits, he’ll be triumphant.

So, that’s as simple as it gets. The music was being blasted at him from all sides, but Trump couldn’t hear it, because he was too busy listening to Jarvanka and letting them call the shots — run our country, in essence. And now Trump is denying any of it ever happened. Ain’t it a shame that people keep records of these things, and it’s all coming back to haunt him now?

“Why was I not told?” Because, Donald, there are none so deaf as they who cannot hear. The number of people who told you would fill a small phone directory. You should have listened to Ann Coulter and not hired your children.


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He loves to be a victim.


He is such a coward, but at the same time one of the worst bully’s … if he keeps the front up hard enough, people won’t see the truth … he is a micro dot compared any normal person … he is so far off the rails now, horrible treatment of migrants at the border, another dead child, and a fantastic, (sic), idea to let only intelligent people in …

His final failure cannot come soon enough, his incredibly freaky stupid Tariffs, are hurting small farmers and even larger layouts are hurting because of the no-account in the WH …

Lil Blue Sock

…”.only all the best people”


Every day I shake my head anew at his ignorance and confusion. I laugh when progressives tremble in fear that he’ll start a war to boost his popularity and get reelected. Nope — start a war and he might as well quit now. A costly, lethal war requires incredible deft management to not blow up in your face in a day. It requires a stable team of deeply knowledgable government veterans, laser-focused, undeviating goals, and consistent, disciplined messaging. It requires Dick Cheney, who was able to pull it off for two and a half years, with a boost from 9/11… Read more »
Lone Wolf

Remember, he has only the bestest of the best.