(Above – Jason Overstreet)

Well, there but for the grace of FSM go you or I.

I wonder if Twitler personally called Jack to complain.

Compared to a lot of stuff, this was pretty tame.

I wonder what it is about Jason that might set him off…..



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10 Comments on "Twitter Suspends Author Jason Overstreet for Suggesting Trump Be Airdropped Among Gorillas. Updated."

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P J Evans

Yeah, dropping him into the gorillas would be cruel and unusual punishment – for the gorillas.


Granted, that’s abusive to gorillas, but, unless Jason suggested it should be done without a parachute, it’s not abusive to Trump. He’s probably actually never been in such a nice crowd before.


Or one so well informed, thoughtful, and intelligent.


Trump’s tweeted much worse than this, so can I expect twitter to suspend him later today?

Carol O

I was thinking the same thing. Of all the offensive attacks, name-calling, snotty comments that come from idjit, how are they not targeted harassment or abusive behavior? Twitter seems to be cherry picking.


Exactly. A president bullying and attacking private citizens and name calling racist, misogynist Ames should certainly be banned.

Lone Wolf

Remember a week or two ago? Our dear leader the celebrity mobster had a one on one with the twit boss? I’m guessing the egomaniacal buffoon threw another temper tantrum and ‘suggested’ he not let anyone make fun of him, but to make sure he doesn’t get in his or his goons and enablers way of twitting their usual horseshit at anyone and everyone that THEY want to.


You know, there are easier ways to quit a job. But when has Mr. Tangerine Man ever done easy except when he thought (but not know) there was profit be made?

Lone Wolf

Trump is lazy, incompetent, and his administration is a clown show.
Him? Quit a job? He’s never had one, unless you count the handjobs he gets with his buddy Kraft. And that’s prolly not so easy for the illegal Asians they bring over for cheap labor to exploit. The Chinese made inflatable prosthetic penis has to be hand pumped, oh so would that make it a 2 for 1? or double the price being 2 jobs?

Glad twitter saw sense. Re reinstatingJasonOverstreet . Thanks for keeping us all up to speed. Sometimes the narcissism abuse is ramped up to such a degree , I can’t get the diaperdon’s latest out of the mind. I become so angry. To cope, I am going to start a monthly open diary . Marking his latest sh. ..t in either red ,green or black . Red will stand for bull. Green will stand possible offence he has committed. black will be the latest on one of the over 80 inquires in progress. I will save purple for a direct hit… Read more »