(Above: Who are you gonna believe, this guy or Major Chickenhawk Bolton?)

Business Insider

“The US has spent the past week and a half warning that it has credible intelligence that Iran was plotting attacks against US interests in the region.

A British general with the anti-ISIS coalition in Iraq and Syria contradicted that assessment Tuesday, triggering a rebuke from the US military.

“There are a range of threats to American and coalition forces in Iraq and Syria,” British Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika, Operation Inherent Resolve deputy commander for stability, told reporters at the Pentagon Tuesday, explaining that while Iranian-backed forces is clearly one of them, “there has been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria.”

US Central Command, however, issued a statement a few hours later arguing that the general’s comments were inaccurate.”

Unfortunately, U.S. Central Command is currently commanded by Private Bonespurs and Major Chickenhawk Bolton.

Below is Major General Ghika’s resume.

Operation Inherent Resolve

“Maj Gen Christopher Ghika is the Deputy Commander-Strategy and Information (S&I) Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.

Maj. Gen. Ghika was commissioned into the Irish Guards in 1993.  His early service was spent in London, Canada and Northern Ireland as a Platoon Commander, Company Second in Command and Regimental Signals Officer.  In 1998, he was appointed Adjutant 1st Battalion Irish Guards, and while in this post deployed with the Battalion to Macedonia and then entered Kosovo in June 1999.  At the end of his time as Adjutant, he spent six months as a UN Military Observer in the civil war in Sierra Leone.  He attended the Advanced Command and Staff Course from 2001-2003.


After Staff College, he spent two years from 2003-2005 working on the Army staff in the Ministry of Defence before commanding a company in Germany, Canada and Iraq.  He then returned to the Ministry of Defence to be the Military Assistant to the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Operations).


In 2010, he assumed command of 1st Battalion Irish Guards and deployed for six months to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  In 2012-13, he worked in in the Army Headquarters and attended the Higher Command and Staff Course.  The following year he was appointed to be Deputy Commander of the 1st (US) Infantry Division in Kansas, USA.  He deployed with the Divisional HQ to Iraq for nine months as the Deputy Land Component Commander in 2015.


He was appointed Head of Personnel Capability in the Army Headquarters in September 2015.


He was promoted to Major General in April 2018 and takes up the post as Deputy Commander Strategy and Information of Operation Inherent Resolve from summer 2018.”

I believe the guy that’s been in the sh**.

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On one hand, I almost hope Trump does this because it would blow up in his face so fast and guarantee his defeat in 2020. On the other hand, it would be so costly in blood and treasure. I don’t want to go back to the days she we had a long list of war dead to read each week in church during Prayers of the People. And Iranians are lovely, educated, creative, charming people. Iran is no Iraq. It’s bigger, more organized, and more prepared. I’ve often heard people spewing that old saw about a war or a disaster… Read more »