What goes around, comes around Mr President.


You know, one thing that I always strive to do is to treat y’all with simple respect. You’re all intelligent people, with opinions, feelings, and good old fashioned common sense. Besides, how many of you would read these articles if I titled them “Politics for Dummies,” and ended each with “So, buy my books, you losers!” Rough guess? Not many.

I bring this point up simply because The Pampers President is about to experience the problem with short sighted thinking first hand. Traitor Tot has spent the last 3 years seeking temporary, momentary advantage by insulting all and sundry that pass before his eye, just so long as the insults will give his butter brained supporters nocturnal emissions. And  because hie targets have largely been those who neither held, nor could be counted on to hold, any sway over him, he has done so with impunity. But that is about to stop.

Historically, if there’s one thing that Trump hates at least as much as the media, it’s the judiciary branch of government. The media is easy pickings, mainly because nobody is going to be able to excavate the tons of rocks between the average Trump supporters ears, regardless of what they say or write, myself included. But the judiciary is turning out to be a thornier rose, and it’s about to bite h in the ass.

Trump has been riding the ass of the judiciary since he was just a candidate. His first line of attack, after claiming that Mexicans were druggies and rapists, was to attack the horrible, miserable “Mexican judge” who was born in the United States. He ranted and raved against Judge Curiel, slandering his impartiality simply because he was Hispanic, and Trump was building a wall.

The attacks have continued uniformly. His Lowness bashes every judge that dares to rule against him in court, and has taken sadistic glee in singling out the US 9th circuit court of appeals. The fact that his incomprehensible executive orders are so unconstitutional that they are impossible to defend in court has no bearing, these liberal, “angry Democrat” judges are out to screw him.

But ever since the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, Trump has taken it to another level. Now he’s put on his Jimmy-the-Greek tin foil hat, and started publicly handicapping upcoming Supreme Court decisions where his cases are concerned. Trump seems to think that just because he appointed two SCOTUS judges, they are somehow beholden to them, and that he can pick up a phone for a little fireside chat whenever he deems it necessary. The fact that these two judges are going to be on the bench long after he’s fertilizer, and that he can do nothing whatsoever to them forevermore never occurred to him. Just ask Pappy Bush how that whole Justice Suter thing worked out for him.

And now, Trump has decided that his best, indeed only option in having even a prayer of being reelected, and staying out of the crossbar Hilton, is to run out the clock in court. Which  means he needs judges to muck up the system for as long as possible. You know, the same judges he has spent the last three years cuffing around like a cat with a ball of yarn?

Two things most people already know about judges. They are highly clannish, and they all have healthy egos. Every year, two of the lowest ranked professions in almost every poll are lawyers, and politicians. And yet, you throw a $40 black polyester robe over the head of a politically connected lawyer, and he is suddenly transformed into King Solomon. And their profession ratings tend to go through the roof. Go figure, huh?

Trump’s blanket defense for everything he has done wrong in his life is his newest two favorite words in the English language, “executive privilege,” which replaced his last two favorite words, “extra bacon” at the drive thru by necessity. There’s just one problem. His defense is indigestible bullshit. With Diaper Donnie Redux and the Trump Tower meeting, he’s claiming executive privilege over something that happened before he was the chief executive! The same thing holds true for document requests for his taxes and business records, these are things long preceding his tenure of office. But that’s OK, because the outcome isn’t important, what’s important is the slow, methodical, eon passing time it takes to adjudicate a case. Running out the clock.

Except it isn’t working. The judge in the case of Trump and his boiler room company suing to stop Mazars, his accounting firm, from turning over his business documents to Elijah Cummings and the House Oversight Committee is set for Tuesday. This was supposed to be a preliminary hearing, with the judge ruling on a temporary injunction request to stop Mazars from turning over the booty, and set the schedule for upcoming hearings to wrangle through the ground rules, and argue like drunken Irishmen like me, until everybody forgot what they were in court for in the first place.

But instead, the judge has informed both parties that this issue is “fully documented,” and that he will hear arguments, and issue a ruling from the bench, all at Tuesdays session. So much for running out the clock. When the judge says “fully documented,” I get the feeling he’s talking about a myriad of other casess arguing over congressional subpoenas, which largely tilt in favor of congress. From there, the Democrats can speed up the clock even more, asking that any appeal skip the normal 3 judge appeal process, and go directly to a hearing and ruling by the full, 9 judge appellate circuit.

When I played hockey, a cheap shot on a teammate was a cheap shot on all of us, and payback was going to be extracted. Trump has been attacking individual judges and appellate circuits from day one, and I think he is going to find cold comfort in whichever judges hear his upcoming cases, so I fully expect to see more of this “fast tracking” going forward. As for ego? Well, no judge wants to make a ruling if he knows that it is likely to be overturned on appeal. It tends to make it look like they’re too stupid to be judges. Just look at the bucket of shit that judge in Texas is getting dumped over his head for his stupid ruling on Obamacare, almost certain to be overturned in the appellate court. Even conservative judges aren’t gong to “take one for the team” for Trump, not since he’s spent 3 years showing he ain’t even on the “team.”

The last nail in this coffin is one Donald McGahn. Ever since the Mueller report was released, and Trumpelforeskin found out just how damaging a witness against him McGahn was, Trump has had a vendetta out on McGahn. He canceled the contract McGahn’s firm had to work on the 2020 campaign, and he has repeatedly caled McGahn a liar for his testimony to Mueller. This is a serious accusation, since if proven, it could land McGahn in prison, and cost him his ticket to practice law. Yet, Trump is now claiming “executive privilege” for testimony McGahn has already given, and which is now public record, and forbidding him to testify to congress, setting him up for a contempt of congress charge. Considering the fact that as White Houe Counsel, McGahn represented the “office of the president,” and now Trump as President, mitigates what can be covered by any privilege, he also waived privilege by letting McGahn talk openly to Mueller. And when Trump let McGahn flee the towering inferno that is the Trump presidency, he lost his last chance to “order” McGahn to keep his mouth shut. As long as McGahn has a good lawyer present to counsel him on any actual “privilege” topics that may come up, McGahn would be a fool to defy congress, especially if Tuesdays ruling on Mazars shows which way the judicial wind is blowing.

“As ye sew, so shall ye reap.” El Pendejo Presidente has spent his entire adult life shoveling shit at judges that have tried to hold him accountable for his actions. And now, he’s counting on judges to throw enough dirt in the gears of justice to allow him to safely slide into home plate. Good luck with that one Prez.


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P J Evans

Tr*mp has spent the last two or three years demonstrating that he didn’t earn that BA from UPenn. He certainly didn’t learn anything in any of his social studies/government/civics/economics classes.
(I’d really like to see him netted, tranquilized, wrapped in a straitjacket, and hauled off to someplace where all the individual rooms have locks on the outside of the doors.)

old grey dude

Man I really miss ‘boring’ President Obama. I could go days without wondering what he was doing or saying or threatening. Sure there was stuff going on, but I knew an adult was handling it. I think for these judicial cases I am guessing Roberts votes a lot with the four libs on the court with maybe an assist from Gorsuck and maybe alito. Judge beer is another thomas. he will vote his contempt, not the law for as long as he is on the court.

Scott Jackson

Hunter S. Thompson once wrote if there was justice then Richard Nixon would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Easter Island…they are known to swim in schools…

Nancy M Parker

That’s “sow” as in, plant seed. “Sew” is making clothing.
Of course, 44 doesn’t know how to do either useful thing, planting or making clothing.

old grey dude

The seamstress and the sewer fell in the sewer and to help with the planting the farmer taught his sow to sow.