Yes! Georgia Losing TV and Film Production Work In Response To Abhorrent Abortion Law


The State of Georgia, if this is news to you, is a prime location for television and movie shoots. Indeed, it is considered  by many to be the top filming location in the world.

Despite that, Georgia recently shot itself in the foot with the entertainment industry, and it could cost them dearly.

Simon’s production company, Blown Deadlines, is one of three production companies who have said they won’t continue to do business in Georgia, after Gov. Brian Kemp signed his near-total abortion ban into law on Tuesday. The other two companies are Killer Films and Duplass Brothers Productions, and CounterNarrative Films swiftly followed suit.

Think Progress:

The Writers Guild warned that Hollywood crews would leave the state over the abortion ban in March, when the legislature considered passing the bill. The union group told BuzzFeed News it stands by its statement, adding that lawmakers are making the state “an inhospitable place for those in the film and television industry to work, including our members.”

Alyssa Milano, who sent local lawmakers a letter signed by 50 other actors opposing the ban in March, also said she’s boycotting Georgia. She said she won’t return to the Netflix show Insatiable if the third season is filmed in Georgia.

If the State of Georgia is committed to living in medieval times, that’s it’s business. But it looks like they’ll be doing it with less cash in the coffers. I really hope that this boycott shakes Georgia to the rafters. This new law is sick. It describes a fetus as a “natural person” and stands to criminalize an abortion at any time after six weeks — which in the real world is a time when most women don’t even know they’re pregnant. The law is beyond draconian, it’s flat out misogynist insanity. I’m glad to see people standing up to it and hitting Georgia where it hurts, straight in the pocket book. I hope we see more of this. This is grassroots activism at its finest.

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Yesterday our state house minority leader Emilia Sykes posted something on Twitter I’ve been thinking for days: that there’s zero point in pushing to renew Idiohio’s film tax credit in light of the recent passage of the “Heartbeat” bill, and the upcoming votes on a two-week ban, a ban on private insurance coverage for abortion, a ban on most effective types of contraception, a requirement that treatment for ectopic pregnancy includes re-implanting the fetus in the uterus so it’s not an abortion, a procedure that doesn’t exist, and now, we’re hearing, a new bill funding abortion reversal, another procedure that… Read more »
Carol O

These misogynist yahoos are trying really hard to turn their states into Gilead. I hope more than the film industry takes similar steps against Georgia, Alabama and any other backassward state that has decided women do not deserve to be treated as thinking adults capable of making their own decisions about their own lives and healthcare. It’s the 21st century for godsake!


I can’t say it any better than all of you commenting already did. The only thing they understand is, take their money away, and go f#ck yourself, literally.


Why is outlawing contraceptives a GOOD THING? The very name of the products say it all …. preventing pregnancies, absolutely prevents abortions … who is SO STUPID to think otherwise ?
Something tells me there is a particular influence from the religious right … and this is certainly wrong in so many ways …

Contraceptives can even prevent transmission of STD’s and AIDS ….

Carol O
A good friend of mine was a nurse for Planned Parenthood for several years, and the horror stories she had of abject ignorance of the subject of sex and reproduction, STD’s, etc. that came through their doors was stunning, in the 21st century! When people (children in some cases) don’t even know how their body works, let alone how to manage budding sexuality, or in some cases, how to ward off inappropriate attention, you need a back up plan. Contraception, abortion, all need to be available to those who need/want it. Georgia and all other primitive states that want to… Read more »