Female Lawmaker and Rape Victim Trolled By Pro-Lifer Republican Colleague


It’s no new insight that recent legislation in Idaho and Georgia is slashing women’s reproductive rights and sending them back to the days of back street butchers for abortions. This is abominable in 2019. It’s positively medieval. And so is this: South Carolina State Rep. Nancy Mace made a speech a few weeks ago, in which she identified herself as a rape victim. The purpose of her speech was to support exceptions for rape and incest, in conjunction with the proposed 6-week fetal heartbeat bill. Then a Republican colleague sent her a card, which is the image you see at the top of this post. Charlotte Observer:

State Rep. Nancy Mace, R-Berkeley, gave the speech two weeks ago, successfully persuading the House to allow exceptions for rape and incest in a proposed 6-week “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban. On Tuesday, she returned to her desk to find a card left there by Magnuson.

“It is a twisted logic that would kill the unborn child for the misdeed of the parent,” read the card, produced by Personhood SC, a group fighting for an outright abortion ban with no exceptions in South Carolina.

Mace took the message personally, since it came two weeks after her speech, and House Democrats were outraged. She blasted the card on Facebook for its use of “misdeed” to describe rape and “parent” to describe “rapist.”

In response, Magnuson on Wednesday distributed to House members a letter from a member of Personhood SC stating: “The problem of some is not the ‘poor wording’ of this sentence, but that these people just simply want abortion in cases of rape and incest.”

“Calling rape a misdeed is ignorant, disgraceful and degrading toward women,” the second-term lawmaker ]Mace] said in an interview with The State Friday. “I didn’t get sent to Columbia to put up with bullshit like that.”

Mace had kept the rape story secret for 25 years. It took a lot of courage for her to come forward. But that’s not how her Republican colleague perceived it. In his mind, any woman is just a breeding machine and should bear any man’s child, no matter how the conception occurred — or so I must conclude. There is no way a rapist can be construed as a “parent” doing a “misdeed.” And to expect a woman to bear a rapist’s child is so over the top that I’m amazed this conversation is even taking place in 2019.

Republicans want to control women’s reproductive rights, totally, because that will allow them to control women economically. It’s as simple as that.

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How do these people keep getting voted for?
Abortion is legal in Catholic Ireland, if that puts things in perspective.


I am also catholic…it is a woman’s right to choose

This is so heartbreakingly awful, and morally repugnant, that it is scarcely believable that “people of faith,” conservative Catholics and Protestants alike, can even think of promoting such measures. I wonder how they can possibly sit in church and not have their hearts touched by God’s love, and feel the compassion that God surely feels for any woman with an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy, let alone a woman who has been raped. I have gone to church for most of my life, and I can’t even imagine what gets preached and taught in theirs, other than some tragically mistaken theology.… Read more »

I am sick reading this!!!! No man has the right to control a woman…!!!! Where in hell do these people come from??? They are all misinformed and very disturbed people!!! I need a break from Georgia and their bullying laws!!!😠