Mick Mulvaney Miffed Nobody Gave Him Heads Up On Don Jr’s Subpoena — “Bad Form” He Calls It


Donald Trump Jr. recently was subpoenaed to testify before the Senate, and Mick Mulvaney is kvetching that he didn’t know about it in advance. Mulvaney said he was “blindsided” by the news. And bear in mind, the Senate committee that subpoenaed Junior is GOP-led, so that makes it sting even more. Politico:

He downplayed the potential implications of the subpoena, noting that Trump Jr. doesn’t work in the West Wing, but took a swipe at lawmakers for the lack of warning, accusing them of being on the brink of politicizing the panel.

“I have no opinion about that because he is a private citizen and not a member of the administration,” Mulvaney said. “That being said, the fact that the President’s son got a subpoena from a Republican-led committee — and listen, I’m all for bipartisanship on intel committees. I think it’s one of Adam Schiff’s great failings, is to — is to sort of politicize the Intel Committee in the House. So I have no difficulty with bipartisanship, but to subpoena the president of the United States’s son and not at least get a heads-up, I thought was — let’s say bad form.”

This is GOP-speak for, “The committee shouldn’t have done anything that I didn’t approve of. We’re not in a democracy anymore, this is the age of Trump, and we do things like in a totalitarian regime.”

Interesting that it went down this way. Maybe there’s a civil war brewing in the GOP? It has always been said that the minute Trump becomes more of a liability than an asset, the party will dump him. Maybe we’ve reached that point. This is a nice sign that might indicate that, at least. Hope springs eternal.

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Oh, we’re obviously not there yet, Ursula. But damn if we’re not getting close. Think about all the ramp up to go after Iran and/or Venezuela…do you see Trump not royally screwing the pooch in either situation? He can’t keep his mouth shut, has no loyal subordinates competent enough to coordinate the full efforts needed and, going by the MOAB and missiles previously deployed, lacks the attention span for another grindy episode like Iraq or Afghanistan. Honestly, it’s a testament to overall GOP weakness that they have to throw Trump over the side in favor of Pence.


This is a strange thing for them to do.


Makes sense to me… When you smell trouble you cover your ass, and the republicans do realize they’re in deep doo doo after all their shenanigans of recent past… Tough though cause me thinks it’s already too late Heh heh heh…


“I’ll give the land a little shock,/Remember what I say,/And they’ll yet regret they sent Jim Jones,/In chains to Botany Bay.”

bob riehle

gee mick maybe you don’t run the place like you thought


Mulvaney is blinded by his own greed and ignorance.


The greedy are shortsighted, no vision of tomorrow. It’s as good an epitaph as any for future deceased GOP careers, Mulvaney’s included.

Lil Blue Sock

Uday should ask Shit-Gibbon Sr. to buy him a chin for X-mas.