Trump’s On Another Run, More Mueller Paranoia


Donald Trump is alarmed by the upcoming testimony of Robert Mueller and well he should be. Here are a few small snippets from page 33 and 34 of the report. Hit Ctrl + to make them readable.

Here’s the other half.

These two snippets plainly show the connections between Trump’s campaign, naming names, Kellyanne Conway, Brad Parscale, Eric Trump, Michael Flynn, and so forth. Further, the interactions between the Trump campaign and Russian trolls pretending to be American citizens on Facebook, are documented as well.

Trump knows what’s in the report and the idea that Robert Mueller himself is going to come forth and testify, apparently is causing him great discomfort, because he tweeted this Sunday.

This is a long long way from being over. Because we live in the culture we do, where everything is sound bites and bottom lines, as opposed to analysis and introspection, Bill Barr and Trump’s other minions at Fox News have done yeoman work in downplaying the Mueller report and minimizing the damnation actually contained in it’s pages. But their subterfuge isn’t going to last forever. The truth will out.

Here’s a hot link to the full report. If you haven’t read it yet, or even glanced at it, you might want to do so, because that, and only that, will prove to you the amazing difference between what Barr & Friends is out there shilling and what’s really on paper.

I’ll endeavor to get more easy to read clips from the report as time goes on. In the meanwhile, it can be confidently said that the Mueller testimony is going to be the watershed moment in the Trump Russia investigation that everyone expected the release of the Mueller report to be.

Yes, the release of the report was a bit of an anti-climax — but the show’s not over yet. And the reason I say that with such confidence is, if things were as Trump depicts them, TOTAL EXONERATION! and NO COLLUSION, why oh why in the world would he be concerned about Mueller’s testimony? Nuff said.

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Liar, liar,
poopy-pants on fire.

It’s gotta be a bad scene in somebody’s undershorts right about now.

WOW, if everything Barr WAS an attempt to obstruct during his interview in the Senate, (It was), he has failed at this point, it appears to stymie the truth to be known on the 15th of May, 2019 … His bumbling answer that he had not read any of the evidence files, lied about not seeing Mueller’s letter or understand Mueller’s position on his maciated version generated in the mind of Barr himself … Boom, let’s impeach Barr NOW, take him away from the DOJ and Trump’s secret meetings … Draw a well planned and implemented bead on Trump after… Read more »

I’m increasingly getting the sense that we’re heading into the main event. I’m also getting the impression that Donnie Boy doesn’t have the slightest clue how to get out of this. I’m convinced that was the REAL reason he called up Russia: begging for help on this.

P J Evans

Now they want to keep Mueller from talking to the House committees, claiming it’s a closed matter.
Well, if it’s closed, why shouldn’t he be able to talk? It just makes his answers more valuable: what happened, and why?