Tony Schwartz Shares Comey’s Views About People ‘Falling Under Trump’s Spell’


    Tony Schwartz authored “The Art Of The Deal” and is an astute observer of who Donald Trump is and what makes him tick. Several days ago, before James Comey’s op/ed dropped Wednesday in the New York Times, Schwartz made the same kind of comments, about how people enter Trump’s circle and become enthralled. His views were then explained by psychologist and lawyer, Nick Carmody. Here’s the thread.

    Lindsey Graham, (before his alien conversion therapy, I presume) said about Trump, May 3, 2016, “if we [GOP] nominate Trump, we will be destroyed and we will deserve it.” Now, Graham is part of the Trump love cult. Trump’s hi-jacking of the Republican party is complete, and it will indeed be interesting to see where they go from here.

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    The only time I will agree with Lindsay graham.

    Lone Wolf

    The GOP will be destroyed and Lindsey Graham and the rest of those cucks will/do deserve it.