It’s Now Inevitable.


I wrote recently on the difficult dichotomy of whether to impeach, or not impeach. I touched on the risks and benefits of both courses of action. I personally was ambivalent, leaning slightly towards investigating the shit out of Trump to tar him for 2020. But the news I saw yesterday now leads me to conclude that at the least an impeachment hearing is inevitable.

It wasn’t the Mueller report, that was “revenue neutral.” Someone summed it up perfectly the other day with “If you wanted to impeach Trump, you want to impeach him even more now, and if you didn’t want to impeach Trump, the report didn’t move the needle one inch.” What convinced me that impeachment was inevitable wasn’t anything in the report itself, it was in the fallout from the release of the report.

If Trump or anybody else in Toontown thought that the media was just going to pack up their tents and go home following the release of the report, here, here’s $20, go get a clue, will ya? The fact that the resident DOJ Ewok wouldn’t answer questions in his testimony about whether or not he had consulted with the White House, or given them information on the report prior to its release started the ball rolling. Reporting said that there were repeated contacts between Barr and the White House prior to release, and I think he will be forced to confirm that in his testimony before the House Judiciary committee on Thursday. But the report yesterday that Rod Rosenstein,, Mueller’s actual boss, had run to the White House to do a full Neil-and-Bob on Trump, agreeing that Trump was being treated unfairly, assuring Trump that he was “on his team,” and promising to “land the plane” was the capstone. And who collaborated with Barr in determining that Trump had not obstructed justice, and has vociferously defended Barr’s conclusions about the Mueller report? Rod Rosenstein.

And with that information, Watergate comes full circle. Wadda ya know, history really does repeat itself. What is the ultimate axiom connected to the Watergate scandal? Come on, you’be heard it a thousand times, “It isn’t the crime, it’s the cover up. And if the information that the media has uncovered about Barr and Rosenstein is true, then the gagging stench of a full blown cover up in unmistakable.

I believe it was Frank Figluizzi on MSNBC last night that summed  up the impeachment dilemma of the Mueller report perfectly He said that “If congress doesn’t act to impeach Trump, then it sends a message that this conduct is permissible. And if congress does act to impeach Trump, and it fails in the Senate, as it almost surely must, then it sends the message that Trump’s actions aren’t impeachable crimes.” At its core, that is the lose-lose situation that the Democrats, and sadly the country at large, find ourselves mired in.

​​​​​​​But if the Barr-Rosenstein information is true, the dynamic is fundamentally changed. This is no longer about politics, and it’s no longer a semantic game about what is and isn’t obstruction of justice. If this information is true, it isn’t even about Trump anymore. It’s about two high officials in the United States Department of Justice,conspiring to protect the President of the United States from facing responsibility for conduct they themselves feel may be criminal, and personally deceiving the people of the United States to cover it up.

​​​​​​​Barr is already scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, and he must be mercilessly sand blasted about this. And first thing Tuesday, Rod Rosenstein must be subpoenaed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee as soon as possible, and jailed for contempt of congress if he stonewalls the subpoena. Let him sit there while they duke it out in court. And if there is even a whiff of bleach in either story, or the way that they mesh together, then they subpoena every breathing being that was involved in the process. And of the cover up can be confirmed, then impeachment proceeding against both of them start immediately, followed by criminal indictment.

​​​​​​​Because this is the brass ring. This is the one thing that the Republicans in the Senate can’t ignore, can’t cover up, and can’t condone. This isn’t about Trump, it isn’t about politics, it isn’t about any “angry, sore loser Democrats” bullshit, this is about the fundamental right of the people of the United States to trust and believe in their government. Not that lying sack of shit Trump, the actual government, especially the Department of Justice, who is solely responsible for upholding the law, not trampling it into the dust.And if the Republicans in the Senate are forced to condemn Barr and Rosenstein, then Trump himself is the inevitable third jewel in the Triple Crown, because the whole damn thing was for his ultimate benefit.

​​​​​​​I honestly don’t know how I can put it any plainer, or simpler. The incredible work of journalists has threatened to expose an actual, high level illegal cover up to protect the President of the United States. And if it’s proven to be true, then it’s the one thing that even the Republicans in the Senate can’t ignore, or fail to act upon, because the public will crucify them. And if that happens, then like Richard Nixon before him, Trump will learn that when the walls come tumbling down, they don’t tumble outwards. They come down right on top of your fat, criminal head.


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I hope you are right. I’ve been for impeachment since Rep. Brad Sherman motioned for it back in 2017. Yes, the Repugs probably (but not impossibly) will not go for it in the Senate but; A) If Trump does not get impeached nobody will ever be, even if they shoot someone on 5th Ave. B) The impeachment hearings, subpoenas, disclosures, etc. will convince many independents to not vote for him. C) Putin will get the message not to tamper with our democracy. D) The progressive base (that’s my habitat) will be even more energized to defeat Trump whomever wins the… Read more »
Patricia B

Thank you. I sincerely hope that the inevitability of your story comes full circle. However, Mitch McConnell has far to much power and seems willing to back Trump no matter who he tramples. As far as Putin is concerned, I’ve thought from the beginning of this hell, that he gave Trump his orders before he was “elected” and Putin knew what kind of monster he was dealing with; when/if America goes, Trump will just be cast aside.

Mary Ellen

I pray the right people read this article


You know, Trump could have gotten past all this if only he a) could keep his mouth shut for five seconds and b) at least gone through all the motions of cooperation. But no…the man’s ego, dementia and flat-out meanness are too bone deep to pull a Bill Clinton. Even if he doesn’t go down, you can bet more than a few travelers will.

And forget the pardon and sentence commutation nonsense. The second you’re a “loser” to Trump is the second you’re useless to him. None of his pardons have directly benefited him like that…nor would they.


In a nutshell,
” it isn’t even about Trump anymore. It’s about two high officials in the United States Department of Justice,conspiring to protect the President of the United States from facing responsibility for conduct THEY THEMSELVES FEEL MAY BE CRIMINAL, and personally deceiving the people of the United States to cover it up.”
They acted in bad faith.

Nick Sullivan

“This is the one thing that the Republicans in the Senate can’t ignore, can’t cover up, and can’t condone.”
Wanna bet?
Hey, I’ve been wrong before. But never about Republicans.
Anyway … Rosenstein’s mask is off, no shocker. My question remains: Why do we keep thinking ANY piece of GOP slime is gonna not act like … GOP slime?
And that includes Saint Robert the Former Marine, who took two years to come up with Roger Freaking Stone, then punted to his fellows on the Hill.