Daily Beast: ‘Everybody Is Wrong. Trump Impeachment Hearings Will Help Democrats’


It’s no secret at this point that William Barr read one thing in the Mueller report (obstruction) and then reported another (no obstruction) for the self-serving purpose of shielding Donald Trump. It’s also no secret that Mueller’s disinclination to conclude in his report that Trump had obstructed justice was instead a nod to the legislative branch that it was their job to take action on that matter, as elected officials, and not his as the special counsel. So why have Democrats not taken the lead and pursued impeachment? The knee jerk response is, “we don’t have the votes in the Senate.” That’s true enough, on its face, but Cheri Jacobus, writing in the Daily Beast, makes a compelling argument for why it might in fact be a terrific idea to take impeachment proceedings to the people, via television, just like in previous eras, and let them decide.

First of all, here’s a refresher course in Trump’s more blatant efforts at obstruction.

From dictating to then-White House Communications Director Hope Hicks a press release to lie about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, that was accepted and attended by Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner; to twice ordering then White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller; to telling Corey Lewandowski to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to thwart the Mueller investigation; to asking NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers to squelch the investigation by lying to the press and more, Trump, but for Bill Barr throwing himself on a live hand grenade, would likely be tendering his resignation by now—Nixon-style. These individuals, who each were trusted Trump allies and darlings of MAGA world to varying degrees, recounting under oath on live television how the president asked them to break the law, will be even more powerful than reading the Mueller report itself, and with viewership in the stratosphere. It would make Super Bowl ratings look like basic local cable by comparison.

This would indeed be Trump’s greatest nightmare — the television *resident being taken apart on television, nightly, in impeachment proceedings. Comparatively few Americans may have read the entire 400-page redacted Mueller report, but there’s no question that they’ll all make it a point to catch the TV version.

However, it is more than reasonable—a sure thing, in fact—that dozens of millions of Americans would be glued to their TV to watch live, unfiltered impeachment hearings. And, as happened in the Nixon hearings, that Trump’s approval numbers would plummet as his erstwhile supporters realized they’ve been duped and lied to.

Just after the Mueller report was issued, a Reuters poll showed Trump had lost six points (PDF). Just think what live, televised hearings would do to those numbers. There’s a reason why Rush Limbaugh and Fox News hosts are instructing the Trump cult not to read the redacted report: It clearly shows high crimes and misdemeanors on the part of the president.

Few voters watching Lewandowski, McGahn, Rex Tillerson, and other former Trump staff, Cabinet members, and associates testify under oath how Trump ordered them to lie and obstruct justice will call the investigation a “witch hunt” or claim “libtards” are just “butthurt” over Hillary Clinton’s loss, or that Barr’s fantastical version of the Mueller report was anything other than propaganda.

Why should Democrats spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2020 election cycle trying to educate voters on what the Mueller report says when they can educate them through live, televised, unfiltered impeachment hearings?

So far Trump has been effectively shielded by Barr, and Barr’s misrepresentation of what the Mueller report actually says. One thing, the only thing in fact, that would put Trump’s actions glaringly and unequivocally in the spotlight, would be impeachment hearings and the nightly reports on same. As the writer of this piece points out, oversight hearings get one level of scrutiny by the public, impeachment hearings quite another.

This is a good idea. Democrats should not shrink from this, because impeachment proceedings are the most direct route to getting rid of Trump, and putting Trump in the nation’s rear view mirror as swiftly as possible should be Americans’ primary consideration.


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I had a thought yesterday that it is time to throw everything at him. I don’t see a choice anymore.

First get the entire unredacted Mueller report, then get all the underlying evidence from that report. Get as many financial records as possible. Set up the impeachment hearings and let it all come out in the hearings, under oath with documents as evidence (make sure those are blown up into nice sized poster board and in front of the committee so the witnesses are able to refer directly to them and are required to actually stand next to them to point out the salient parts), then expose the entire cabal for what it is. There are enough prosecutors on the… Read more »
P J Evans

One suggestion is that anyone who is subpoena’d and doesn’t show up, enter their statements to Mueller as their testimony. Then, if they want to argue about it, the first question is “which part is perjury?”
this thread: https://twitter.com/glennkirschner2/status/1121220355492913157


There is always more than one way to skin a polecat. The Speaker of the House can have a vote on the contempt, then have the Capitol Police pick up the miscreant. In order to purge contempt, the miscreant has to testify. As we like to say, the contemnor holds the keys to the jailhouse door, simply comply with the order.
It would be a great way to get the attention of those who are cowering from Trump’s bullshit bullhorn.


Put it ALL on tv. Every day.


If Trump does not get impeached nobody will ever be. Obstruction, treason, emoluments, tax evasion, you pick it.

Denis Elliott

We are getting to the point where we don’t have much choice. I still think we can better prepare the ground so to speak before launching formal impeachment hearings. I also thought up a way to do so that can be implemented this summer and is in line with what Hillary Clinton suggested in her WaPo piece last night. Even if we still don’t get the votes needed to convict in the Senate we can hurt the GOP badly heading into the meat of the 2020 election season.

I have to say, maybe we can get a double hitter … most of the bad stuff for DJT at this moment is what is coming down the rails from the German banking system and Trump’s connection to money playing games with Putin … funnel all the squalling things about Trump’s rants into one big party, invite the public in for these smaller dumps of the tRump’s shitty stuff. What WERE his taxes? Follow along now people, here are the banks over seas that were the only one willing to work with the Dotard, here is the money from Russia… Read more »
Rita Tecoma

Great idea …..live TV, spill the beans !