(After Seth’s first tweet I used a Twitter thread unroll to make the diary more readable. I made one exception when he linked to the BBC News article. Set asked for his work to be widely disseminated, so I thought he’d want it here. Enjoy)

It doesn’t require proof of criminality beyond a reasonable doubt to impeach a POTUS, though we have that now as to obstruction—an impeachable crime that can’t be indicted because Trump is president—and campaign finance felonies (ditto). A national security risk is sufficient.

Counterintelligence investigations of Trump remain outstanding—their findings haven’t yet been disclosed, though they eventually will be to the House and Senate intelligence committees—but Mueller’s report does include corroborated information that is *central* to those cases.

A president *must* be impeached if—in counterintelligence terms—there’s “high confidence” intel that he is “compromised” by a foreign power, meaning not that he is necessarily an agent of any foreign power, but that he cannot uphold his Oath of Office (and loyalty) to America.

Almost immediately thereafter, I passed on this internationally available BBC report to the American public because—as a curatorial journalist—that’s one of the main things I do: find reliable international reporting that links up to domestic stories in a way that’s critical.

To  the extent you’ve ever heard me called a “conspiracy  theorist,” it was this *BBC* reporting—which American media  for some reason attributed to me—that earned me that erroneous  title. So I wrote a book, PROOF OF COLLUSION, with all the British  reporting on Kremlin kompromat.

PROOF  OF COLLUSION has an entire chapter on Kremlin kompromat called  “Kompromat,” and it amasses a wealth of internationally  reported information on Trump being blackmailed by the Kremlin that  was *all* from the reliable overseas major media outlets that many  of us read daily.

These  outlets found ten witnesses (inclusive of—but not limited  to—dossier witnesses) who could confirm the brief section of  Steele’s dossier that indicated the Kremlin was holding video  blackmail material (“kompromat”) over Trump’s head. Most  Americans never saw the evidence.

The  evidence included BBC-confirmed witnesses from the Ritz Moscow who  saw a “row” in the lobby of the Ritz on the night in  question—as a group of women argued with the hotel staff about  whether they would need to sign in or give their names in order to  go up to Trump’s room.

The  evidence included a whistle-blower from within Trump Org who  confirmed the events, as well as multiple Ritz staff members  besides the American staying at the Ritz who saw the row. The  evidence included contradictory stories given by Trump and his  bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

The  evidence included the fact that the best friend of a key member of  Trump’s Moscow entourage runs Moscow’s largest “dark web”  brothel; the evidence included actual dollar-amounted payoffs to  Trump’s bodyguard Schiller and much more—including spy craft  evidence—of the event.

The  presumption of *all* these stories was that the blackmail had been  coordinated by Trump’s Kremlin-connected Moscow business partner,  Aras Agalarov, the man who runs the “Crocus Group” (a  Russian business entity) and is known for being Putin’s favorite  real estate builder.

Vladimir  Putin had *personally* given Agalarov Russia’s highest civilian  honor just 10 days before Trump arrived in Moscow to be  surreptitiously taped by Agalarov. (NOTE: major-media citations for  all these statements are in PROOF OF COLLUSION, which I here merely  summarize.)

One  of the witnesses who spoke to British media said it was Agalarov’s  son who arranged for the women to go to Trump’s room—a Ritz  Moscow room often used for surveillance of foreigners that Trump  himself (quite oddly, very *publicly*) *admitted* was wired for  sound and audio.

Emin  Agalarov is close with—and was in Trump’s entourage with—Artem  Klyushin, whose best friend, Konstantin Rykov, runs Moscow’s  largest dark-web brothel and has boasted of being involved in a  conspiracy with Klyushin whose details he wouldn’t reveal but which  involved Trump.

We  know that, in fall 2016, Trump’s fixer for video, audio, or (well)  *women* who could harm Trump was Michael Cohen. And we know that  after the Access Hollywood tape, many Republicans wanted to  withdraw their support from Trump. A Kremlin tape would have ended  his candidacy.

We  know that in October 2016, Trump was lying to America about whether  he had any ties to the Kremlin—even as he was planning the  unilateral removal of all sanctions on Russia for its illegal  annexation of Crimea—a policy whose basis or utility to the U.S.  he never explained.

Trump’s  foreign policy in October 2016 was a *trillions*-of-dollars  giveaway to Putin that’d *bless* its unilateral European military  aggression, too. So if the Kremlin held *blackmail* on Trump in  October 2016—and could end his candidacy—he was a fully  compromised candidate.

Here’s  what Mueller found:

>The videos the CIA, BBC, and this  writer said existed *did exist*;
> Trump  *knew* they existed;
>Trump’s “blackmail  fixer”—Cohen—negotiated with a Kremlin agent their  suppression in October 2016, when they could have ended Trump’s  candidacy.

This is *the* top story in America, indeed the *most significant story* in U.S. political history: a President of the United States with a historically pro-Russia foreign policy was being actively and knowingly blackmailed by Russia in the lead-up to his election—and*still*.

That Trump and Cohen *discussed these tapes* suggests *they believed*—as did the Kremlin agent they were dealing with—that they existed, and that the Kremlin was (through an intermediary) reassuring Trump that the Agalarov-held (Kremlin agent-held) tapes would be suppressed.

So Trump was being blackmailed; *knew* he was being accurately blackmailed; knew that blackmail could—at that moment—*end his candidacy*; *hid* that blackmail from the country; and was secretly advancing a plan to benefit the Kremlin to the tune of *trillions* at that moment.

And all of this *confirms* that Trump *believed the tapes to be damaging enough that he needed to keep them suppressed*—which means he is *being blackmailed right now by the Kremlin*, as all Rtskhiladze did was stop the *flow* of those videos. They *still exist fully intact*.

Mueller *only* put “high confidence” intel in his Report—so we *know* US law enforcement holds that Rtskhiladze was *telling the truth* about the videos. And *no* US president can stay in power—avoid impeachment—if they are compromised. So impeachment is *mandated* here. /end

NOTE/ “Rumored” appears in the story twice:

FROM CNN, as they’re worried about being attacked for reporting CIA, BBC and SCO intel just as I was;
FROM RTSKHILADZE, but in a way that makes no sense—i.e. he may have said “rumored,” but he also *acknowledged* the tapes exist.

NOTE2/ In other words, RTSKHILADZE was saying that he “stopped the flow” of the *actual tapes* which had been (at that point) “rumored” to exist—by which statement Rtskhiladze, acting as a Kremlin agent (which Agalarov also is) was confirming the tapes to be authentic and extant.

NOTE3/ There’s *not one revelation in the Mueller Report* as important as this one, as it *confirms* Trump was compromised by the Kremlin not just by his lies about the Trump Tower Moscow deal (themselves blackmail material), but *hard evidence* that would’ve ended his candidacy.

NOTE4/ I’m ultimately OK with the fact that my reputation took a hit for two years because, unlike me, US media refused to acknowledge a BBC report, but now that Special Counsel Mueller—whose work even Trump has called “honorable” in the past—has said it, media *must* report it.

NOTE5/ What you can do—as reader and citizen—is (a) RETWEET my pinned tweet, so that media can no longer ignore this top-line result of the Mueller Report, and (b) TWEET AT MEDIA the name “Rtskhiladze” and ask them if they only reason they won’t say it is they can’t pronounce it.

PS/ The term “national security impeachment” should be on the lips of *every voter and politician*. We do have other crimes—at least two—now confirmed to add to any articles of impeachment, but *national security* is more important than all else. Impeachment is *mandatory*

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IOKIYAR, unless you’ve done something bad, then INKIYAR, it never counts.


I think that when the kompromat is made public, as it will eventually be, most people won’t be surprised by what it is. True believers might struggle though. Narcs can manage amazing feats of reality bending with their enablers. It all depends on how well he is able to thread that needle.

rory darjiit

Thanks for laying this out…very interesting.

I guess you *are* a conspiracy theorist, it’s just that rank is important. This one isn’t “nonsense rank” conspiracy theory, it’s more ranked “at every turn this absurdly obscene story seeks to be slightly validated and never proven wrong in any way, so let’s keep looking because there’s something here in some form or fashion” conspiracy theory.

That rank title needs work…it’s a little long, lol.