(Above: Night King Mueller raising his legion of zombie investigations.)

Drumpf really likes his Game of Thrones memes, so much so that the hit HBO show’s producers had to dispatch the Orange Idiot a cease and desist raven.

For all the good it did:

But if Mango Unchained had really been paying attention to the happenings in Westeros he would know that the games is hardly over, the dead may never die, and even if they do they don’t always stay that way.

Wilson has been paying attention, however and, from his keep at The Daily Beast, he, after an hilarious recounting of the road to the final battle, issued the following ominous warning for The King of Vast Empty Electoral Acres.

“They had hoped to turn the Mueller Report against itself—“no puppet” style”—to argue it exposed prosecutorial excesses and a conspiracy against Trump. Of course, it demonstrated nothing of the sort. Robert Mueller’s investigation as special counsel was, as expected, professional, bounded, and dedicated to finding the truth.

That didn’t stop Bill Barr from continuing to incinerate his reputation. As if his absurd memo and prior statements didn’t convince you the Toady General was all-in, even a cursory reading of the Mueller report leaves no doubt. Barr mischaracterized, lied, elided and manipulated the findings from the moment of his four-page agitprop memo. At least 10 times during his absurd and nakedly political pre-release press event, Barr acted in his capacity as Donald Trump’s personal defender, a pudgy Roy Cohn with less venom and a higher BMI. With Mueller nowhere to be seen, Rosenstein stood behind Barr in silence, looking like the star of a hostage video.

As the Trump world is declaring that the game is over, and the board swept clean, Mueller farmed out 14 elements of his investigation to other U.S. Attorney offices, including 12 we only learned existed with the release of his report. Those will continue to roll out more information, more news, and more convictions in the months to come.

Congress now gets its bite of the apple, and the hidden secrets of Trump’s 2016 campaign and his reign of misrule will continue to come into the light.  Mueller’s obstruction section practically screams for Congress to dig deeper, and exercise their right to hold the president accountable for his actions, including—most certainly—abuse of the powers of his office.

Never take a victory lap until you’re sure the race is over. Trump hijacked the Game of Thrones font to tweet “Game Over,” but it still looks more like Winter Is Coming.”

The night is dark and full of terrors, Chump.


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